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What is a mickey button feeding tube?

What is a mickey button feeding tube?

A Mic-Key button is a low-profile tube that allows children to receive nutrition, fluids, and medicine directly into the stomach.

How long does a mickey button last?

WHO CHANGES THE MIC-KEY BUTTON? Routine Mic-key button changes are usually performed every 3-4 months in OLCHC by the Nutrition Support Nurse (in an Out Patient Clinic) or at home by you if you have been educated to do so by the Nutrition Support Nurse or the Point of Care (Company) Nurse.

How often does a mickey button need to be changed?

every 3-6 months
You should replace the MIC-KEY™ g-tube every 3-6 months or sooner if: Fluid is leaking from the middle of the g-tube. (This may mean the g-tube’s one-way valve is broken.) If 2-3 cc/ml of water is missing from the balloon after two weekly balloon checks.

How do you clean a mickey button?

Clean the skin around the button with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water. If there is drainage around the button, clean it with a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water. 2. Be sure to turn the button in a full circle to clean all the skin covered by the button.

What is Mickey button feeding tube?

The MIC-KEY* Gastric- Jejunal (GJ) Feeding Tube. provides for simultaneous gastric decompression drainage and delivery of enteral nutrition into the distal duodenum or proximal jejunum. It is indicated for use in patients who cannot absorb adequate nutrition through the stomach, who have intestinal motility problems, gastric outlet obstruction,…

What is Mickey tube button?

Answer: The Mic-Key button is a low-profile gastrostomy tube that lies closer to the skin than a regular gastrostomy tube. In most cases, this type of change can be done manually and should be reported with code 43760 (change of gastrostomy tube).

What is a MIC key feeding tube?

Kimberly Clark MIC-KEY Tube is a Low-Profile Feeding Tube designed to provide active patients an unobtrusive Gastrostomy mechanism for Enteral Feeding.

What is a Mickey button extension?

MIC-KEY Extension Sets are for use with the MIC-KEY Gastrostomy Tube Kit, which makes having a gastrostomy tube more convenient and less bothersome to the user.