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What is an Eppendorf pipette?

What is an Eppendorf pipette?

Eppendorf pipettes are a common laboratory tool used to measure and transport liquid. Pipettes also have different colored tips which represent different dosages.

How do you adjust an Eppendorf Research pipette?

You readjust a 10 -100 μL pipette with a volume setting of 100 μL by 1 μL (1 μL ≙ 1%). If the volume setting is 10 μL, the pipette is also adjusted by 1 μL (≙ 10%).

Are Eppendorf pipette tips Universal?

pipette tips from Eppendorf are designed to cover all of the specific needs of your samples. Additionally, the universal nose cone design allows the tips to be used with pipettes from other manufacturers.

What do the red numbers mean on a pipette?

The three digits indicate the volume selected and are colored black and/or red. The black numbers on the P-20 pipette show microliters; the red numbers show tenths of microliters.

How do you calibrate a pipette yourself?

Pre-rinse the tip by aspirating and dispensing the set volume three times and push fully to remove any remaining liquid. Aspirate the calibration volume without bubble formation and dispense the liquid slowly into the weigh boat. Then, record the weight on the balance and repeat the process ten times.

Do all pipette tips fit all pipettes?

Tips are manufactured in an ISO 8 certified cleanroom environment and are available in sterile and non-sterile versions in a variety of volumes. Axygen Universal Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettes, compatible with most popular brands of pipettes.

Are Eppendorf pipette tips autoclavable?

The Eppendorf Research plus and Reference 2 pipettes can be decontaminated either by UV light or by autoclaving the entire instrument. Thus, cleaning following use with infec- tious or contaminated samples is easily possible.

How do you read a P200 pipette?

Numbers on the micropipette (typically black-black-red) are read as XX. X µl. The change in color indicates the position of the decimal point. P200: Maximum volume 200 µl.

What kind of pipettes does Eppendorf reference Serie use?

The pipettes in the Reference-Serie are piston-stroke pipettes that operate according to the air-cushion principle. The Reference-Serie consists of fixed-volume pipettes and pipettes with an adjustable volume setting. The control button is multi-functional. The function executed by the pipette depends on how far its control button is pressed down.

What should you know about the reference pipette?

Reference – Part A – Section 1 The Reference pipette is a lab device. It may only be operated by appropriately qualified lab personnel. Before using the Reference pipette, please read the operating manual. To ensure safe, problem-free service from the Reference pipette, it is essential to observe the following points: 1.1 Handling

How is liquid dispensed from a pipette?

Three steps are necessary to operate the pipette: 1. Measuring stroke Press the control button down until the first stop. The desired volume of liquid is dispensed or, when the button is released, aspirated. 2. Blow-out Press the button down a little more until the next stop. Any liquid remaining in the pipette tip is emptied. 3.