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What is the code for X rays?

What is the code for X rays?

A reports procedure code 72050-Radiologic examination, spine, cervical, 4 or 5 views and the consulting radiologist would report 72050-26. In certain circumstances Dr. A would report 72050-TC (technical component). It is advisable to check with specific carriers regarding use of the -TC modifier.

What is the CPT code for sacrum and coccyx X-ray?

General X-ray CPT CODE

SI joint minimum 3 views 72202
Sacrum and/or coccyx 72220
Salpingogram 74740
Scapula 73010
Scoliosis single view 72020

What is thoracolumbar X-ray?

A thoracic spine X-ray is an imaging test used to inspect any problems with the bones in the middle of your back. An X-ray uses small amounts of radiation to see the organs, tissues, and bones of your body. Below it is the thoracic spine, with 12 vertebrae that are attached to your rib cage.

What is CPT code for KUB X-ray?

CPT code 71045, 71046, 71047 and 71048 are used for coding Chest X-ray. While CPT code 74018, 74019 and 74021 are used for coding abdomen X-ray (KUB).

What is procedure code 73721?

73721 – CPT® Code in category: Magnetic resonance (eg, proton) imaging, any joint of lower extremity.

What is CPT code for chest xray?

Railroad Medicare’s Medical Review (MR) unit is conducting a service-specific review of Chest X-ray CPT Codes 71010 (radiologic examination, chest, single view, frontal) and 71020 (radiologic examination, chest, two views, frontal and lateral).

Where is the thoracolumbar spine located?

INTRODUCTION. Thoracolumbar spine is the transitional zone between the stiff thoracic cage and the mobile lumbar spine. Therefore, it is a vulnerable region for injury, including fracture and dislocation. Classification for the thoracolumbar injury is still controversial.

What is a 24 modifier?

Modifier 24 is defined as an unrelated evaluation and management service by the same physician or other qualified health care professional during a post-operative period. Medicare defines same physician as physicians in the same group practice who are of the same specialty.

What does CPT code 73222 mean?

Magnetic resonance
73222 – CPT® Code in category: Magnetic resonance (eg, proton) imaging, any joint of upper extremity.

What is the CPT code for thoracic spine X – ray?

ICD-9-CM Vol. 3 Procedure Codes – 87.23 – Other x-ray of thoracic spine. Code Information. 87.23 – Other x-ray of thoracic spine. The above description is abbreviated. This code description may also have Includes, Excludes, Notes, Guidelines, Examples and other information.

What is the CPT code for lumbar spine X-ray?

The CPT code for CT myelogram lumbar spine test is 61055. This code allows the testing facility to catalogue your results and give you specific diagnostic tests. The spinal diagnosis can also help you determine if there are any tumors or infections along your spinal canal.

What is the CPT code for right shoulder X ray?

CPT Code 73030, 73040, 73020 – Radiologic examination (x ray ) shoulder. Procedure Code and description. 73030 – Radiologic examination, shoulder; complete, minimum of 2 views – average fee amount – $25 – $30.

What is the CPT code for X – rays?

X-rays refer to CPT codes 70010 – 79999 which include imaging studies such as plain X-rays, myelography, CT scans, MRIs , urography, angiography , venography, DEXA scans, diagnostic ultrasounds, nuclear medicine studies and PET scans.