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What kind of products does Danfoss company make?

What kind of products does Danfoss company make?

With the promise of quality, reliability, and innovation deeply rooted in our DNA, we deliver an extensive range of products and solutions across our business segments of Climate Solutions, Drives, and Power Solutions.

Who is the current CEO of Danfoss Compressors?

Niels B. Christiansen became the new CEO. In 2010 Munich-based industrial holding company Aurelius AG acquired Danfoss Compressors GmbH from the Danfoss Group, Denmark. The agreement to take over the Danfoss Compressors business was signed in July 2010. In connection with the new ownership Danfoss Compressors has changed its name to Secop GmbH.

Who is the chairman of the Board of Danfoss?

In 2000 Danfoss’s business segment Mobile Hydraulics merged with the German company Sauer, Inc. to form Sauer-Danfoss. Jørgen M. Clausen became chairman of this company. Danfoss currently owns 55.4% of the stock, which is traded on New York Stock Exchange.

When is the new Danfoss house going to be built?

The new Danfoss House will be ready in 2023, and will serve both as a housing construction as well as testing and demonstration center for Danfoss’s energy-efficient technologies. All electricity and heating for buildings at Danfoss headquarter campus will be carbon neutral by the end of 2022.

How is Danfoss driving the sustainable transformation of Tomorrow?

Driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow. Danfoss delivered strong results and continued the high level of investment in the core businesses to remain at the forefront and be the most attractive technology partner for our customers. Over the next five years, Danfoss will have 50 percent more females in leadership positions.

Why is Danfoss at the heart of great engineering?

At the heart of every great city is great engineering. And at the heart of great engineering is Danfoss. Danfoss City will show you the solutions allowing us to build a better, more sustainable, and more energy-efficient tomorrow.