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When is the draw for the Champions League?

When is the draw for the Champions League? has all the match and draw dates for the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League. Article top media content The trophy will be won in Istanbul in May©AFP/Getty Images Article body JUNE 11 June: Preliminary round draw, Nyon18 June: First and second qualifying round draws, Nyon25 June: Preliminary round semi-finals28 June: Preliminary round final

When do the Champions League matches start in 2020? has all the match dates for the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League. All dates are provisional and subject to change by UEFA.

How to add UEFA Champions League fixtures to your calendar?

1 Look for the ‘Open calendar’ button in the upper menu. 2 Select ‘From internet’ in the dropdown. 3 Past the link in the text field. If you’re using other calendars you should look for similar options to add this calendar. Prelim. Prelim.

When is the round of 16 for the UEFA Champions League?

The round of 16 draw will be in December©UEFA via Getty Images 10/11 December: Group stage, matchday six16 December: Round of 16 draw, Nyon FEBRUARY 18/19/25/26 February: Round of 16, first leg MARCH 10/11 March: Round of 16, second leg TBC

Who is in the preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League?

The champions of Kosovo, Faroe Islands, Andorra and San Marino enter the preliminary round in accordance with their rankings in the 2021/22 access list. The two clubs with the highest club coefficients were seeded for the semi-final draw.

How does order work in the Champions League?

If two or more clubs are level on points, alphabetical order is applied based on full club names until teams have played each other twice, at which point the competition regulations are applied.

The draw was made at 12:00 CET on Monday 16 December. Two seeding pots were formed: one consisting of the eight group winners and the other of the eight runners-up. No team could play a club from their group or any side from their own association. Seeded group winners are away in the round of 16 first legs and at home in the return matches.