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Where are the courts located in Denver Colorado?

Where are the courts located in Denver Colorado?

Denver Courts are located in both the City and County Building and the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. The Denver District Court (civil and domestic matters), County Court (traffic and civil matters) and Probate Court are all located in the City and County Building. Denver Criminal Courts; District, County and all Juvenile Court matters,…

How to contact Denver County district court clerk?

If you are not represented by an attorney, please contact the District Court Clerk’s Office at (303) 606-2300 to be connected to your case Division. You may also reach the Self Help Resource Center at 303-606-2442.

When is criminal court office hours in Denver?

Civil/Domestic Clerk’s Office hours for in-person customer service: 9am – 4pm. For assistance between 8am-9am, please call 303-606-2300. _____ The Criminal Clerk’s Office hours for in person customer service: 8am – 4pm . DENVER DISTRICT COURT PHONE NUMBERS have changed to the following: Denver District Court (303) 606-2300

Where is the district attorney’s office in Denver?

To locate your Denver County or District courtroom, please click here. To inquire with the District Attorney’s Office about a specific case you will need to know the case number or the full name of the defendant. District Courtrooms are located in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, 520 W. Colfax Ave.

Where do I Find my Denver City Attorney case number?

City Attorney’s Office: Case numbers start with a year, then letters “GV,” “GS,” or “D,” then a number, as in 17GS1234 or D5678, or case paperwork says “General Sessions Summons and Complaint.” To locate your Denver County or District courtroom, please click here.

Is there a Second Judicial District in Denver?

2nd Judicial District / Denver County Unlike all other judicial districts in Colorado the Second Judicial District is not a combined court. Denver is comprised of four constitutionally separate courts; County Court, District Court, Probate Court and Juvenile Court.