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Are Doxie scanners good?

Are Doxie scanners good?

Overall impressions. The scanning functionality included in iOS is pretty good. However, it isn’t a substitute for a lot of scans at once, which the Doxie Go SE can handle with aplomb. The Doxie is an excellent home-use scanner, or for those who have a small home office and primarily scan looseleaf documents.

What is Doxie app?

Doxie Viewer for Android Doxie Viewer is a basic counterpart to the desktop Doxie software and has been designed for viewing and sharing only. It allows you to download your scans onto your Android device. You can also install third-party apps like Dropbox and Evernote on your device to send scans to these apps.

How to use Doxie scanner?

To scan a document or photo:

  1. Turn on Doxie. Press and hold the power button for a moment. When the light stops blinking, Doxie is ready to scan.
  2. Insert Sheet. Insert paper to the left, face up, and level. Hold the sheet in until Doxie starts feeding automatically. Here’s a video with some scanning tips.

Can Doxie scan photos?

Scanning fragile and damaged photos Doxie Photo Sleeves protect small items and photos when you scan with Doxie – they hold up to 6×10” paper, and have a black background that’s ideal for photos. They’re ideal to help scan irregularly sized items, fragile photos, damaged items, tattered receipts, and very small items.

Can you use a scanner without a computer?

Scanning Without a PC To scan without a PC, Brother ADS-1100W is equipped with Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. Using a Wi-Fi connection, a scanner can be directly connected to devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Can I scan without a computer?

Doxie is a portable scanner that scans paper, photos, and receipts anywhere – no computer required. Just charge it up and turn it on, wherever you are – insert your documents to scan, archive, and share.

How do I connect my Doxie to WIFI?

How do I connect via Wi-Fi and import scans?

  1. Turn on Doxie. Press and hold the power button for a moment.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi. Turn on Wi-Fi by pushing the Wi-Fi button on the back, the wait for the light to turn solid blue.
  3. … then join Doxie’s network.
  4. Click the Import button (top right) to start importing scans.

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How do you charge a Doxie scanner?

Set Up Doxie Go (USB)

  1. Charge up your scanner’s battery. Plug Doxie into any USB port for an initial charge cycle. Leave the scanner off during initial charging.
  2. Disconnect Doxie from your computer.
  3. Turn on Doxie and calibrate. Hold the power button for a moment. When the light stops blinking, Doxie is ready to scan.

What is the easiest scanner to use?

The Best Document Scanners on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

  • Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner.
  • Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner.
  • Doxie Go SE Portable Scanner.
  • Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac.
  • Epson DS-530 II Color Duplex Document Scanner.

Do scanners need wifi?

Yes, it is possible to make your full scan without internet. However, you will need to connect to internet when logging into the app and to send and receive your report(s).

Can you scan and print without a computer?

Photo printers are getting so smart that most of them can print without a PC. The Epson Stylus Photo RX580 improves on even that level of autonomy: it scans, restores, prints and copies without ever needing to be connected to a computer.

Is there an app for the Doxie scanner?

Doxie isn’t just an amazing scanner – included apps for Mac, Windows, and iOS make going paperless easy (and fun!) Easily import scans with Doxie’s intuitively designed companion software. Sync to Doxie’s desktop app via USB or SD card – just like a digital camera.

What kind of files do you save with Doxie?

Doxie creates standard JPEG, PDF, and lossless PNG files so you can do more with your paper. Save scans and searchable PDFs on your desktop, or send to local and cloud apps that give you access to your scanned documents everywhere. In just seconds, your paper is backed up and saved to the cloud.

What kind of image recognition does Doxie use?

Doxie’s automatic image recognition system delivers crisp, clean copies of your paper in full color at up to 600 dpi. Automatic cropping, rotation, and contrast boost make every scan look amazing.

Which is the best portable wireless document scanner?

Doxie makes award-winning mobile scanner products that make it easy to go paperless – everywhere you go. With ultra-portable, wireless scanners and amazing software, Doxie delivers paperless for everyone.