Common questions

Can I print my ticket at Greyhound station?

Can I print my ticket at Greyhound station?

You can print right off your computer or order the ticket and take the confirmation number to any Greyhound station and they will print it for free.

How do I retrieve my e ticket?

The e ticket number can be found either on the airline’s website under a customer’s reservation record or in a confirmation of purchase email from the airline.

Can greyhound be downloaded?

You can also download it on Samsung Smart TVs from 2018 onwards, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TVs and Roku devices. It’s available on Vizio and Sony Smart TVs this summer, too. You can watch the service in browsers for PC.

How do you get on a Greyhound bus without ID?

I spoke with Greyhound Customer service on June 21, 2019. A person without an official ID has one option, which is to pre-pay a ticket online. It has an $18.00 fee on top of the ticket price and is only available in the United States, but it may be your only option.

How do I print my Greyhound ticket?

Print-At-Home – If you haven’t already printed, using your confirmation number, last name and zip code you can print your ticket here: Or you can bring your confirmation number to the ticket counter and ask the agent to reprint your ticket.

Do you have to print your bus ticket?

In the majority of cases, you don’t have to print your ticket. In some cases, you may have to print your ticket at home in order to board the bus. Depending on the bus company policy, you will have the choice to select one of the following ticket options: If you do not print your ticket, you may be refused boarding.

Do I need to print my e-ticket?

By it’s very name, an “Electronic Ticket”, or an “E-ticket” is not a physical item – it’s just an entry in a computer system. As a result, you do not need to physically present any specific document at time of check-in in order to get your boarding pass. So technically, no, you do not need to print anything out at all.

How do I print my flight E-ticket?

Check-in at the airline’s self-service kiosk at the airport, if you can’t check-in online or prefer not to. Scan the debit or credit card with which you purchased your ticket. Your reservation should automatically load and the machine will print your boarding passes.

Do I need to check in for Greyhound?

1. Arrive at Least an Hour Before Departure. On your first Greyhound trip, you should plan to arrive at the station well before your bus is scheduled to depart. This is because you will need to get checked in, find your departure gate/door, and determine where your boarding line will form.

How do you connect to WIFI on a Greyhound bus?


  1. STEP 1: Choose “BusWifi” from the available wifi networks.
  2. STEP 2: Open your preferred web browser.
  3. STEP 3: Enter website address

Is it cheaper to buy Greyhound tickets online?

Advance purchase and online purchase can be a lot cheaper. For DC–NYC, online, 30-day advance purchase, $11-15. Standard fare $35-40. If you buy online the day of departure, it’s only about $5 cheaper.

Should I print my Tickets?

First, for most events through Ticketleap, you don’t need to print your ticket. Ticketleap is designed to work beautifully on mobile devices. You can pull up your ticket on Apple Wallet or through your email on your smartphone. This means no wasted paper or ink on a printed ticket.

Do I have to print out my Tickets?

There is a good amount of information on your ticket, and it is always preferred that you print your ticket so that you have access to that information in your hands. There are also occasionally release forms you will need to sign and bring with you.

Can I buy a Greyhound ticket with cash?

When buying tickets in person, you can pay with cash, or with a personal check at Greyhound stations. Passengers who do not have a credit or debit card can make reservations online and pay for their tickets at a Greyhound station, or at 7-Eleven or ACE Cash Express stores.

Do you need ID for Greyhound bus ticket?

To travel on a bus within a metropolitan area, all you need is a schedule and fare. To ride to locations far and wide across the U.S., you’ll need photo ID for a ticket on Greyhound. The bus service offers ticket purchases online, over the phone, at the terminal or through a Greyhound agency.