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Does WEN make hair fall out?

Does WEN make hair fall out?

There is no evidence that WEN products cause hair loss and the ingredients and formulations meet or exceed safety and quality standards set by the cosmetics industry.

Does WEN hair products really work?

That said, Wen still gets overwhelmingly positive reviews; this Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, for example, currently has 877 Amazon reviews, 68 percent of which are four or five stars. 3. Moreover, the manner in which Wen hair care products purportedly caused the damage in question has not been explained.”

How good is WEN customer service?

WEN has a consumer rating of 1.93 stars from 116 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about WEN most frequently mention customer service, credit card and hair care problems. WEN ranks 266th among Hair Care sites.

How does WEN shampoo work?

A single product is designed to take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. The sulfate free, detergent free formula cleanses hair without lathering or suds of any kind, and it is designed to retain your hair and scalp’s natural oils.

Why is WEN bad for your hair?

The FDA opened an investigation into WEN in 2014 after the agency received complaints that the brand’s Cleansing Conditioners were irritating scalps and causing hair to fall out. Last year, amid the investigation, the agency tallied 1,386 more complaints of hair loss and scalp irritation.

What happened to WEN hair?

Are all WEN products bad?

But just because Wen is under fire doesn’t make the entire product category dangerous. “All products which touch the skin have the potential to cause allergies so it is really more a matter of ingredients,” says Pistilli.

What is the problem with WEN hair products?

FDA previously announced that it is conducting an investigation of adverse event reports for WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner products, including reports of hair loss, hair breakage, balding, itching and rash.

What is wrong with WEN shampoo?

Do they still sell WEN?

Feb. 7, 2018 — Despite tens of thousands of complaints about its cleansing conditioner for hair, an FDA investigation, and a $26 million payout to affected consumers, WEN by Chaz Dean and its parent company are still selling that product online and through QVC.

What do you need to know about Le vel thrive W?

Thrive W Thrive W is a weight management capsule explicitly formulated for women. Le-Vel promises that Thrive W promotes weight management while supporting your immune system, cognitive function, digestive system, and immune system. The company also claims that Thrive W reduces anxiety and general discomfort.

What kind of supplements does Le vel make?

Le-Vel is a supplement company that focuses on products promoting health and wellness. Some of their products include Thrive Mix and Thrive DFT patches.

Where can I find complaints about Wen Hair Care?

And Wen-related hair loss complaints on consumer websites date back at least five years. More recently, complaints have been taken to Facebook and Twitter, and they also pop up in product reviews on sites like and Amazon.

What kind of plant does Le vel come from?

Our research team investigated the ingredient list for Le-Vel’s most popular product: Thrive DFT. ForsLean, also known as Coleus forskohlii, is derived from a plant in the mint family. The plant grows in India, Nepal, and Thailand.