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How do you find the maximum value in Excel with multiple conditions?

How do you find the maximum value in Excel with multiple conditions?

Using an array formula based on MAX and IF functions we can get the maximum if multiple criteria in the following formula:

  1. =MAX(IF(B2:B14=F2,IF(C2:C14=G2,D2:D14)))
  2. =LARGE(IF(B2:B14=F2,IF(C2:C14=G2,D2:D14)),1)
  3. =MAXIFS(D2:D14,B2:B14,F2,C2:C14,G2)
  4. =SUMPRODUCT(MAX((B2:B14=F2)*(C2:C14=G2)*(D2:D14)))

How do you find the top value criteria in Excel?

To return the largest values in a set of data with criteria, you can use the a formula based on the LARGE and IF functions. Note: this is an array formula and must be entered with control + shift + enter. LARGE then returns 95, the second largest value in group B as the final result.

How do you use an IF and MAX function together?

The formula of Excel MAX If function is “=MAX(IF(logical test,value_ if _true,value_if_ false)).” The MAX IF formula is used to find the maximum marks obtained by a student, the maximum sales of a product, the maximum temperature of a month, and so on.

Is there a max IF function in Excel?

MAXIFS is a new function, available in Excel 365 and Excel 2019. In earlier versions of Excel you can use an array formula based on MAX and IF to find maximum values with criteria.

What is the generic formula of maximum value if?

If you are given the formula y = ax2 + bx + c, then you can find the maximum value using the formula max = c – (b2 / 4a).

How do I find the top 3 values in Excel?

Use the =LARGE(array,k) function to return the largest, second-largest, third-largest and kth largest values from a range. To set up the formulas, first build a helper column with the numbers 1, 2 and 3, as shown in K6:K8 in Figure 3.

How do I extract top 10 values in Excel?

Find the top 10 values in an Excel range without sorting

  1. Select the range in column B containing Sales data for each person named in column A.
  2. Click in the Name box in the Formatting toolbar and enter SalesData.
  3. Enter the following formula in a cell outside the named range (for example, D2):
  4. Press [Ctrl][Shift][Enter]

How do I extract top 5 values in Excel?

For example, to find top N values in B2:B12, you enter the below formula in the topmost cell where you want the results to appear (D2), and then drag it through as many cells as needed. To pull top 3 values, copy the formula to 3 cells. To get top 5 values, copy the same formula to 5 cells.

What is the criteria to return minimum value?

To return the max or min value with one criterion, the MAX function will do you a favor.

  1. Enter this formula: =MAX((A2:A13=D2)*B2:B13) into a specific cell you want, see screenshot:
  2. Then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys together to get the max value of KTE, see screenshot:

What is the formula for count average?

Average This is the arithmetic mean, and is calculated by adding a group of numbers and then dividing by the count of those numbers. For example, the average of 2, 3, 3, 5, 7, and 10 is 30 divided by 6, which is 5.

What is the minimum value?

The minimum value is the y value of the lowest point on the graph.

How do I list top 10 values in Excel?

How to find the largest value in Excel?

To find the largest values based on condition, use this generic formula: SORT (FILTER (values, (values >=LARGE (IF (criteria_range = criteria, values), n)) * (criteria_range = criteria)), 1, -1) Where n is the number of top entries to extract. For example, to get top 3 scores in a given subject, the formula in E4 is:

How to get the largest value based on multiple criteria in Excel?

A2:A14=”Apple”, B2:B14=”West”: are the criteria that you want to get the largest value based on; The number 1: indicates that this formula will get the first largest value, if you want to get the second or nth largest value, just change it to 2 or n.

How to do large if and large if in Excel?

Basic LARGE IF formula in Excel To get the n-th largest value in a dataset with condition, you can use the LARGE and IF functions together: {=LARGE (IF (criteria_range = criteria, values), n)} Where n is the 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, etc. highest value to return.

How to find formula for nth largest value in Excel?

Go to cell G4. Assign the formula =LARGE (IF (B2:B8=”F”,C2:C8),E4) to G4. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to apply the formula to G4. Figure 3. Applying the Formula to the Data