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How long is AZJ AQIR scepter?

How long is AZJ AQIR scepter?

Took 150 artifacts and about 3 hours to solve it.

How do you get TOL Vir dig sites?

Dig sites can be found in Kalimdor. Vial of the Sands is the Alchemy pattern for the Mount comes from Canopic Jar. Note: The dig sites for Tol’vir are available to start appearing in Uldum upon reaching skill 450. Tol’vir shares with the other four races for dig site spawns in Kalimdor.

How do you get Archeology Raptor mount?

Visit your character’s profile on Blizzard’s web site. Go to professions, and then archaeology. It lists every single thing you can get with the profession and actually lists what the minimum profession level is in order to get the item. The minimum profession level required for the Fossilized Raptor mount is 40.

How do you get black qiraji?

The only way it’s obtainable is by getting the scepter within 3 days of opening the gate and hitting the gong before the war is over.

Where do I turn in restored artifacts?

the Seat of Knowledge
As currency. Brann Bronzebeard and Tan Shin Tiao at the Seat of Knowledge will trade for restored artifacts.

How rare is the red qiraji battle tank?

This mount, the Red Qiraji Battle Tank, grants 100% increased speed within the confines of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. It is easily the rarest mount drop found in the instance, being 5-8 times rarer than the blue, green, and yellow varieties.

Is fossilized raptor rare?

Fossilized Raptor isn’t that hard to get. It’s not wildly rare and fossil sites are very common, so you’ll probably get it in the course of leveling archaeology to 525.

How long does it take to get fossilized raptor mount?

This mount was acheived at skill 222, 5 hours of fossil grinding.. its a random found.

Can you solo Scarab Lord?

Much of this quest line is not soloable. Guilds may not have the ability to support more than one potential Scarab Lord, depending on how long it takes them to complete the line and how long the quest stays available.