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How much does Caterham cost?

How much does Caterham cost?

The idea is to offer varying levels of power throughout the Caterham range, thus catering to various levels of driving skill and budget. The 270 sits above the 160 model and is the cheapest version on offer in the U.S…

Where are Caterham Cars built?

With a capacity for just 250 cars a year and a lengthy waiting list, the Caterham factory had reached the end of its useful life, so in 1987 Nearn secured a new production site in Dartford, Kent, where the cars are still built to this day.

Who founded Caterham Cars?

Graham Nearn
Caterham Cars/Founders

Lotus origins Caterham Cars had been a major Lotus 7 dealer during the 1960s, and its founder, Graham Nearn, purchased the rights to continue manufacture of the Seven design from Chapman in 1973, after Lotus announced its intention to discontinue the model.

Why are Caterham so expensive?

Why is a Caterham so expensive? Caterham cars are expensive as they’re specialist sports cars and are only made in limited numbers.

Are caterhams worth the money?

Whilst buying a Caterham can seem expensive, it’s worth considering the future resale value. It’s very likely that the depreciation will be far less than most other types of car. Even used examples will retain much of their value over the years if they’re well maintained and serviced.

What kind of car is the Caterham 7?

The Lotus Seven, now known as the Caterham 7, is one of the most iconic British vehicles of all time, the little bug-eye headlights, open front wheels and tiny cockpit have been delivering driving thrills since it was first rolled out of the Lotus factory by Colin Chapman in 1957.

Where are the headquarters of Caterham car company?

Caterham Cars is a British manufacturer of specialist lightweight sports cars established in Caterham, Surrey, with their headquarters in Crawley, Sussex.

How is a Caterham car different from a normal car?

Modern Caterham kits differ from the majority of kit cars as all parts are supplied ready to assemble, not requiring a donor car, fabrication or any special skills.

Who are the importers of Caterham Cars in Japan?

On 2 April 2021, news was leaked that Caterham Cars was acquired outright on 31 March 2021 by VT Holdings, Japanese importer for the Caterham Seven since 2009. As well as being a Caterham importer, VT also imports Lotus cars and Royal Enfield motorcycles into Japan. Colin Chapman ‘s Lotus Cars launched the Series 1 Lotus Seven in 1957.