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How to go in Canigao island?

How to go in Canigao island?

Going to Canigao Island resort is easy. From Manila, book a flight going to Tacloban and head to Tacloban New Transport Terminal. Upon arrival at the terminal, ride a van bound for Maasin and ask to be dropped off at Matalom Municipal Hall. Travel time is around 3 hours.

How big is Canigao Island?

Located at about five kilometers off the shores of Matalom, Leyte’s town center, there is no doubt this is one of the best beach getaway of Eastern Visayas. Canigao Island is an elliptical islet no more than 480 meters across its longest side.

How do I contact Canigao Island?

How To Get To Canigao

  1. Cokaliong – (032) 2327212.
  2. Roble – 032) 419-1190 to 95.
  3. Weesam – (032) 412-9562.
  4. Medallion – (032) 416-6300.
  5. Supercat (2go) – (032) 233-7000.
  6. Gabisan – (032) 255 5335.

Is there a signal in Canigao Island?

Cellular signal is good and internet speed is relatively okay. You must bring your garbage back to the mainland.

How do you get to Digyo Island?

How to Get There

  1. The fastest way to get to the group of islands is by booking a flight from Manila to Tacloban.
  2. Once in Tacloban, get on a van traveling to Inopacan; the fare is around P250 and may take approximately 3 hours.
  3. Once in town you can rent a boat for island hopping.

Where is Kalanggaman island located?

Leyte Province
Kalanggaman Islands is located in the municipality of Palompon in Leyte Province.

How do you get to Digyo island?

Where is Kalanggaman Island Philippines?

Where is Kalanggaman Island? Kalanggaman Island is a beautiful beach destination located in the municipality of Palompon in the province of Leyte, Philippines.

How do I get to San Pablo Island Hinunangan?


  1. Exact location on Google maps: San Pablo Island, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte.
  2. FROM CANIPAAN: You can ride a pump boat to San Pablo Island from the Canipaan jump-off point.
  3. BY VAN: From Tacloban City Bus Terminal, ride a southbound vans or buses traveling to St. Bernard, Southern Leyte.

How do you get to Cuatro Islas?

How To Go to Cuatro Islas. You can reach Leyte via Tacloban or via Ormoc airport. Ormoc airport is nearer to Cuatro Islas. If you go via Tacloban, you should take a van ride (Grand Tours, Duptours or Van Vans) to Ormoc.

How much is the entrance fee in Kalanggaman Island?


Local Tourists PHP 150/USD 3/EURO 2/SGD 4/MYR 11
International Tourists PHP 500/USD 9/EURO 8/SGD 13/MYR 38
Senior Citizens PHP 120/USD 2/EURO 2/SGD 3/MYR 9
College Students PHP 40/USD 0.75/EURO 0.64/SGD 1/MYR 3

What can you say about Kalanggaman Island?

Kalanggaman Island is a small island paradise located in Palampon, Leyte. It is famous for its crystal clear waters, lush palm trees, and beautiful sandbars on both ends. The island is also considered one of the most beautiful island beaches in the Philippines.

Where is Canigao Island in the Philippines located?

Canigao is an islet located in the Philippines, near the municipality of Matalom, Leyte. The area is known for abundant fishing grounds and scenic coral reef areas suitable for diving. Canigao Island is uninhabited, featuring a lighthouse as its only significant man-made structure.

Is the island of Canigao an overrated destination?

As a matter of fact, I thought Canigao was one of those overrated island destinations, dotted with selfie junkies. But as always, I just imagined all the beautiful possibilities and the brighter experiences waiting for us in our destination. As for the boat ride, it was pretty short and smooth.

Is the Canigao Island in Leyte a world class island?

Canigao island is beautiful but was not big enough for many tourists, we went on a gloomy day so it expected to get too crowded when the weather is nice and clear. To me it is not a world class as they are claiming and will never go back there again.

Is there a ferry service to Canigao Island?

This regular ferry service makes it incredibly easy and convenient to visit Canigao Island. The vessel, which can seat around 70 people, is large, comfortable, and powerful. Life jackets are provided to all passengers as per Philippine Coast Guard regulation. Lai, John, and Ferna had the time of their lives taking photos of beautiful seascapes.