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Is Krookodile good competitive?

Is Krookodile good competitive?

Krookodile’s main selling point is its ability Moxie; combined with a unique typing granting it great coverage and usable Attack and Speed stats, it is capable of easily sweeping teams. Krookodile also faces notable competition from Honchkrow and Heracross as a Moxie cleaner, both of which pack more initial power.

What is the best ability for Krookodile?

EVs and Nature: Intimidate is one of the best abilities in doubles, weakening the physical type attacks of your opponent’s Pokemon. Groundium Z gives Krookodile a powerful, single target ground-type target in Tectonic Rage, while Choice Scarf turns Krookodile into a very fast threat that outspeeds Tapu Koko.

Is Aggron good competitively?

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS While many Pokémon swap types once they Mega Evolve, Mega Aggron sheds Rock to become mono-Steel. Factoring in that Mega Aggron only takes super effective damage from Fighting, Fire and Ground you have a really good combination with its monstrous defensive stat.

Why is Krookodile so good?

On the other hand, Krookodile is a much more well-rounded Pokemon due to its higher base stat total. Any one of his abilities will be good for him because they all touch up on Atk. is some way or another. Krookodile has basically one attacking style which is attack your opponents to defeat them fast.

Is Krookodile good in PVP?

Best moveset for Krookodile The best moves for Krookodile are Snarl and Earthquake when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Is moxie or intimidate better?

1 Answer. Well, Moxie increases the user’s Attack one stage upon fainting an opponent, whereas Intimidate lower’s the Attack of all opponents by one stage when the ability-bearer switches in. Also, when a Pokémon with Intimidate is your Lead Pokémon in your party, wild Pokémon are 50% less likely to be lower level.

Is Sandile better with moxie or intimidate?

Sandile also has access to Toxic, but it is better off attacking. Intimidate can also be used over Moxie to force switches and allow Sandile to take physical attacks occasionally, but Sandile will badly miss the ability to boost its Attack each time it lands a KO, especially on the Choice Scarf set.

What tier is zoroark?

In-battle formes

Type Dark Immune to: Psychic Resists: Dark Ghost Weak to: Bug Fairy Fighting
Abilities Illusion This Pokemon appears as the last Pokemon in the party until it takes direct damage.

Who is better Metagross or Aggron?

All around, metagross is a well-rounded Pokemon, but harder to get, compared to Aggron, due to it needing to be level 45 to evolve from Metang. However, Metagross serves better as a sweeper than a wall, since metagross has the power needed in Attack and doesn’t have a massive defense stat.

What is the best item for Aggron?

Aggron works best when used with a sandstorm. In UU, unfortunately, Hippopotas is the only option to set up sandstorm, but it at least can support Aggron with Stealth Rock as well….Choice Band.

Item Choice Band Holder’s Attack is 1.5x, but it can only select the first move it executes.
EVs 252 Atk 4 Def 252 Spe

What is Liepard weak against?


How heavy is Krookodile?

Height 4′ 11″ Weight 212.3 lbs. Gender.

What does Krookodile do in Smogon strategy pokedex?

It also has a decent movepool, both offensively and defensively, and it has a very good offensive typing that hits a variety of foes hard. Krookodile has access to useful abilities in Intimidate and Moxie that allow it to play different roles in the metagame successfully, such as that of a Choice Band attacker.

Which is the best attack set for Krookodile?

Pursuit traps Pokemon such as Chandelure and Espeon and deals more damage to them if they try to switch out. Moxie boosts Krookodile’s Attack stat after it knocks out a Pokemon with an attack, and it is the best option on an offensive set like this. Choice Scarf is used as it gives a huge boost to Krookodile’s Speed.

What should you use choice band on Krookodile?

A Jolly nature should be used alongside Choice Band to boost Krookodile’s Speed because it already has enough power, and otherwise it misses out on outspeeding Pokemon such as Nidoking and the aforementioned Lucario.

What kind of damage does a Krookodile do?

However, Krookodile has quite a lot of weaknesses to several common types, such as Fighting and Water, and even though its Speed is decent, it is outsped by a lot of threats in the metagame, meaning that they can easily KO it. Hits adjacent Pokemon. Double damage on Dig. 1.5x damage if foe holds an item. Removes item. High critical hit ratio.