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Is Led Zeppelin making a new album?

Is Led Zeppelin making a new album?

The new album, simply titled Led Zeppelin V, features the same four symbols that graced the band’s landmark fourth album Led Zeppelin IV (also referred to as ZoSo). The record is slated for release September 25, 2019 – exactly thirty-nine years after drummer John Bonham’s tragic passing.

Is Jimmy Page Working on new music?

The Led Zeppelin guitarist did not give too much away but said he is always working on music. In addition, Page says his current work would really surprise fans. “I’m never not doing something,” Page explains in the interview.

Will Jimmy Page play live again?

But Page is hoping to start a new career spanning band! Speaking NME, Page has said that it’s looking very unlikely that we’ll see another Led Zeppelin reunion.

Is Led Zeppelin touring in 2021?

JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EVENING Announces ‘MMXXI’ Fall 2021 U.S. Tour. JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EVENING has announced “MMXXI” tour, set to take place this fall in North America. The 29-date trek will kick off on October 15 in Stateline, Nevada and will conclude on November 26 in Hollywood, Florida.

Will Led Zeppelin ever reunite?

Jimmy Page has reiterated that it’s “really unlikely” that Led Zeppelin will ever reunite to go on tour again in the future. The guitarist was speaking on BBC Radio 2 this morning (July 22) after his previously unreleased collaboration with The Rolling Stones, ‘Scarlet’, premiered on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show.

How old is Jimmy Page now?

77 years (9 January 1944)
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Jimmy Page is 77 years old today. An English guitarist, songwriter and record producer, Page began his career as a studio session musician in London and, by the mid-1960s, had become the most sought-after session guitarist in the UK.

Who sang the song Stairway to Heaven?

Led Zeppelin
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Why did Led Zeppelin never get back together?

Led Zeppelin won’t reunite because it wouldn’t feel right without John Bonham. That’s what the band said in 1980, and that’s what Jason Bonham is saying now. The only difference between Led Zeppelin and other bands that have “retired” is that Led Zeppelin meant it.

What is the hardest Led Zeppelin song to play?

“Powerful” is subjective, but I do know that the highest note Plant ever hit in the studio was this part in Black Dog. As a bassist, Ramble On and Lemon Song are probably the hardest for me.