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Is there a non triangular version of Toblerone?

Is there a non triangular version of Toblerone?

Since the 1970s, other variants of Toblerone have been produced. These include: 500 g milk chocolate bar, with a relief portrait of the Bernese Bear and the Coat of arms of Bern on its face. The only non-triangular Toblerone.

Is there a similar product to Toblerone in Croatia?

A similar product is the Croatian product Kolumbo, made by factory Kraš from Zagreb. This chocolate is also composed of pyramids of hazelnuts and honey. Kraš was producing Toblerone under license during the 1970s and 1980s.

How did Theodor Tobler come up with the shape of Toblerone?

Theodor Tobler, with his cousin Emil Baumann, developed a unique milk chocolate including nougat, almonds and honey with a distinctive triangular shape. The triangular shape of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps is commonly believed to have given Theodor Tobler his inspiration for the shape of Toblerone.

How many Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate bars are there?

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Where did the logo for Toblerone come from?

The company’s logo is the Matterhorn high mountain with a hidden image of bear, representing the town where the company originated. The triangular shape of the famous Toblerone chocolate was inspired by the same shape of the Matterhorn found in the Swiss Alps. The brand was then trademarked in 1909.

Where is the chocolate bar for Toblerone made?

In this video, Anna, a trained chocolatier, shows you how the Toblerone chocolate bar is made in our factory in Bern, Switzerland. Watch and find out more about the history of our iconic Toblerone brand! Loading…

What’s the best thing to make with a Toblerone?

This amazing bread style Toblerone recipe is one that would be perfect with a nice cup of coffee, or other hot drink. If there is one little snack I do love it is cinnamon buns, so this recipe for me ticks all the right boxes. Plus having a recipe and making guide to follow is also a real bonus. Toblerone buns here I come!