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Is Waterloo Road ever coming back?

Is Waterloo Road ever coming back?

When the first episode of Waterloo Road suddenly turned up on its YouTube page a short time later, fans asked directly if indeed a revival is in the works. Sadly, the answer is no. Responding directly to fans, a member of Waterloo Road’s social media team clarified: “There are currently no plans for a new series.

How many episodes are there in Series 10 of Waterloo Road?

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What happens Waterloo Road Season 10?

The police descend on Waterloo Road when Kevin’s computer hacking on a multinational organisation is traced back to the school, sparking a major security risk, and Sonya’s short story looks set to jeopardise her friendship with Christine after it turns out she has drawn inspiration from her colleague’s alcoholic past.

What happened in the last episode of Waterloo Road?

March 9, 2015
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Who killed Izzy in Waterloo Road?

Jed Seddon
Isobel ‘Izzie’ Redpath was the mother of Mika and Chlo Grainger, and a popular drama teacher at Waterloo Road during series 1 and 2….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Isobel Redpath
Cause/Reason Died after being accidentally stabbed by Jed Seddon
Born 1970
Died 2007 (Age 37)
Occupation Drama Teacher Head of Drama

Who is the father of Ali’s baby Waterloo Road?

She was raped by her stepfather, Callum Pearson, who got her pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy with boyfriend Kyle Stack thinking it was his.

Who bullied Bonnie Waterloo Road?

Leo Fitzgerald
Moments later the real bully is revealed to be Leo Fitzgerald. Bonnie confronts Justin in episode 19, still believing him to be the culprit, however Kenzie later proves that it was in fact Leo.

Is Waterloo Road based on a true story?

Waterloo Comprehensive is a fictional school in the north of England. Ann’s passion for education came out of her own experience as a pupil at Queen Margaret Academy, a local comprehensive school in Ayr, Scotland.

Is Celine really pregnant Waterloo Road?

Chlo was left trapped in the toilets. When Donte set off to rescue his wife, only for Celine to reveal that she’s pregnant, something she had been trying all day to do, but he refuses to believe her….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Celine Dixon
Romances Donte Charles

Who buried the baby in Waterloo Road?

An investigation had been launched and Steph must interview each girl at Waterloo Road who has been to the school nurse with sexual health problems. In the end Maxine admits to Janeece that the baby was in fact hers, and it was stillborn. Baby Charlotte was buried by Maxine and was fathered by Lewis Seddon.

When did the last series of Waterloo Road air?

The tenth and final series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began airing on 15 October 2014 on BBC One, before moving to BBC Three in January 2015 for the final 10 episodes. The show ended its run on 9 March 2015. The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, a troubled Scottish comprehensive.

Who are the characters in Waterloo Road Series 10?

The tenth series consisted of twenty episodes. Following Christine standing down as headmistress, the new headmaster, Vaughan Fitzgerald, arrives at Waterloo Road with his mismatched family, consisting of his new partner, Art teacher Allie Westbrook, her two children Floyd and Tiffany, and Vaughan’s argumentative sons Justin and Leo.

Who is homeless guy in Waterloo Road season 10?

Whilst Maggie comforts Sonya over her cancer scare the PTA meets to discuss the proposed merger with Havelock High, Carrie’s mother supporting it and bringing her up against Christine and Lorna. Homeless Guy tries to keep secret the fact that he is dossing in the school but is thrown a life-line by an unexpected source.

Who is the head teacher in Waterloo Road?

With Christine demoted a new head teacher arrives – Vaughan Fitzgerald, with his partner, art teacher Allie Westbrook and her children Tiffany and Floyd. Soon afterwards Olga, the unstable wife he left for Allie, arrives with their sons Leo and Justin. She is about to enter a psychiatric unit and dumps the boys on Vaughan.