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What are the different types of dress necklines?

What are the different types of dress necklines?

Neckline Variations

  • Gathered Neckline.
  • Strapless Neckline.
  • Off Shoulder Neckline.
  • Halter Neckline.
  • Racerback Neckline.
  • Plunging Neckline.
  • Bib Neckline.

What are the types of neck?

Types of NECKLINES | Illustrated Guide

  • Asymmetrical (One Shoulder) Neckline.
  • Boat Neck.
  • Cowl Neck.
  • Collared Neck.
  • Halter Neck.
  • High Neck or Turtleneck.
  • Keyhole Neck.
  • Illusion Neck.

What is a gathered neckline called?

Paper bag neckline: A paper bag neckline has extra fabric that gathers around the neck, forming a look that resembles the gathered opening of a paper bag. This neckline is sometimes called a deep V neckline.

What are the 3 basic types of collars?

There are several types of collars. The three basic types are flat, standing, and rolled. Flat – lies flat and next to the garment at the neckline. When the corners are rounded, they are called Peter Pan.

What is the most flattering neckline?

Scoop and deep V necklines are best for you because they elongate the look of your torso and draw attention to your face. High and turtle necklines will make your bustline look larger.

What is a keyhole neckline?

Keyhole necklines are a style of neckline similar to a halter-neck, where the converging diagonals of the neckline’s construction meet at the front. But rather than there being solid fabric here, keyhole necklines have a central cutaway — the keyhole — just below the collarbone.

What is a high neck dress called?

Halter/High Neck: The Halter neckline features wide straps that wrap around the back of the neck, or a high neck with deep armholes. Both look best on a broad shoulder bride or taller woman above 5’7″ and above. Scoop: The Scoop neckline is U-Shaped and has a universally flattering classic look.

What is a princess neckline?

The sweetheart neckline—which is actually shaped like the top half of a heart— accentuates the decolletage. It’s also commonly known as the “princess neckline,” because of its soft edges and feminine shape.

What is a plunging neckline?

A dress or blouse with a plunging neckline is cut in a very low V-shape at the front.

What is a flat collar?

Flat collar It has a buckle or plastic snap (“quick-release”) closure and a ring for attaching identification tags and leash and is available in many colors and designs. A flat collar should fit comfortably on your dog’s neck; it should not be so tight as to choke your dog nor so loose that they can slip out of it.

What is collar fall?

Fall: the visible portion of the collar that falls back down over the collar stand. Style Line: the outer edge of the collar that defines the design of the collar and where trim may be added.

What looks better crewneck or v-neck?

A crewneck is more classic and timeless, it’ll always look good and in place, especially in the summer. A V-neck in the summer is also more than acceptable. Those with long necks might find a crewneck more flattering, as V-necks tend to extend neck length. The collar shape can also counterbalance the face shape.