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What companies does Helen of Troy own?

What companies does Helen of Troy own?

Founded in 1968, Helen of Troy (NASDAQ: HELE) is leading global consumer products company offering creative solutions for our customers through a diversified portfolio of well recognized and widely trusted brands – our 8 leadership brands include: OXO®, Hydro Flask®, Vicks®, Braun®, Honeywell®, PUR® Hot Tools®, and …

What does Helen of Troy company do?

About Helen of Troy Limited Helen Of Troy Limited is a global consumer products company that offers a range of solutions for its customers through a range of brands. The Company is a global designer, developer, importer, marketer and distributor of a portfolio of brand-name consumer products.

Is Helen of Troy still in business?

The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda, and its U.S. operations are headquartered in El Paso, Texas. The company is named after the historical or mythic figure Helen of Troy….Helen of Troy Limited.

Type Public
Revenue US$1.49 billion (2018)
Operating income US$223.9 million (2018)

Where is Helen of Troy headquarters?

El Paso, Texas, United States
Helen of Troy Limited/Headquarters

Is Helen of Troy a true story?

In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy is a character in Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad. However, there is no solid evidence to suggest that Helen was a real person. The first written record of Helen is in the Iliad but the origins of the myth that surrounds her dates back to the Bronze Age.

Is Helen of Troy Fortune 500?

Now, it is a $1.3 billion Fortune 500 Company that employs 500 El Pasoans. Known as Helen of Troy, the company manufactures and sells brand name beauty supplies across the globe.

How beautiful is Helen of Troy?

Dares Phrygius describes Helen in his History of the Fall of Troy: “She was beautiful, ingenuous, and charming. Her legs were the best; her mouth the cutest. There was a beauty-mark between her eyebrows.” Helen is frequently depicted on Athenian vases as being threatened by Menelaus and fleeing from him.

Did Helen and Paris have a child?

Another account mentions that Helen and Paris had three kids—Bunomus, Corythus, and Idaeus—but sadly, these boys died when the roof of the family home in Troy collapsed.

Why was Paris of Troy cursed?

Rejecting bribes of kingly power from Hera and military might from Athena, he chose Aphrodite and accepted her bribe to help him win the most beautiful woman alive. His seduction of Helen (the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta) and refusal to return her was the cause of the Trojan War.

Did Helen actually love Paris?

Paris chose Aphrodite and therefore Helen. Helen was already married to King Menelaus of Sparta (a fact Aphrodite neglected to mention), so Paris had to raid Menelaus’s house to steal Helen from him – according to some accounts, she fell in love with Paris and left willingly.

How did Helen of Troy died?

Menelaus and Helen then returned to Sparta, where they lived happily until their deaths. According to a variant of the story, Helen, in widowhood, was driven out by her stepsons and fled to Rhodes, where she was hanged by the Rhodian queen Polyxo in revenge for the death of her husband, Tlepolemus, in the Trojan War.

What kind of company is Helen of Troy?

Helen of Troy Limited (NASDAQ: HELE) is a leading global consumer products company offering creative solutions for our customers through a diversified portfolio of well-recognized and widely trusted brands. We have built leading market positions through new product innovation, product quality and competitive pricing.

What did Helen of Troy do for a living?

At Helen of Troy, we seek out and build world-class brands. Their meaningful positions and outstanding products elevate people’s lives everywhere, every day. This opens in a new window. This opens in a new window. Vimeo Api Could not be loaded ! Please Check and Renew SSL Certificate !

How much money does Helen of Troy make?

The company divested its former Nutritional Supplements business in December, 2017. By order of sales contribution, these are Health & Home, Housewares, and Beauty. Helen of Troy’s sales were $1.49 billion in Fiscal Year 2018 (on a continuing operations basis, as reported).

Where did the name Helen of Troy come from?

The company is named after the historical or mythic figure Helen of Troy . The company started as a wig store in Downtown El Paso in 1968, and expanded into the hair appliance business in 1975 by first supplying hair salons with hair dryers and curling irons.