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What does a white speedylock Serger look like?

What does a white speedylock Serger look like?

The White Speedylock Model 1600 looks pretty much like all the other sergers manufactured at the time with one glaring exception. There is a huge dial on the left side of the machine that controls the differential feed.

Where did the White speedylock sewing machine come from?

For a while they were being produced by the Singer Sewing Machine Company. However, after Singer became part of SVP – Singer/Viking/Pfaff, the White brand has seemed to disappear for good.

Which is the best white Serger for sewing?

The White Serger Speedylock 1600 has some nice features that make it popular. Three thread serging on this White machine – for knits, and it also boasts a 4 thread mock safety stitch for loose woven fabrics. Differential feed takes care of those wavy seams and puckers on lightweight fabrics and your delicate lingerie.

Is the White speedylock Model 1600 easy to thread?

Threading the White Speedylock Model 1600 and getting it ready to go to work was easy. Unlike many other sergers made around the same time, the easy to follow thread guide inside the looper coupled with the lay in tension system make threading simple enough for someone who has never before seen or worked on a serger to be completely at ease.

Is the White speedylock sewing machine made well?

If it were not for the noise and vibration, I would certainly give the White Speedylock Model 1600 a higher rating. However, when a machine makes this much noise and vibrates as much as this one does, you have a clear signal that it is not made well. Yes.

Is the tension on a speedylock machine automatic?

The tension control is really hard to operate and hard to get it right. I am returning the machine and going to look for one with automatic tension controls. It will make my life easier. DO not get this machine if you do not want a headache with the tension knobs because it may also ruin your project.