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What does Creed Green Irish Tweed smell like?

What does Creed Green Irish Tweed smell like?

The fragrance is rich, fresh, sporty and unforgettable. Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. The middle notes include violet leaves. The base notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood.

Does Green Irish Tweed get compliments?

Again, I am very much glad that I came across Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. I have received many compliments because of it and it is always nice to know you are smelling nice. I would recommend a 4 fl. oz bottle because you will love the smell, absolutely.

What are the notes in Green Irish Tweed?


  • Top Notes. Lemon Verbena from India, Peppermint.
  • Middle Notes. Violet Leaves.
  • Base Notes. Sandalwood, Florentine Iris, Ambergris.

Who Wears Green Irish Tweed?

Creed Green Irish Tweed Richard Gere, George Clooney, Robbie Williams, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford are only a few of the celebrities that have expressed their appreciation for the scent.

Is Creed Irish tweed worth it?

Royal Oud and Green Irish Tweed from House of Creed. Colognes are an incredibly personal choice, so we say if you love the fragrance then yes, it’s worth it.

Why is creed so expensive?

Final Thoughts. Creed is currently the only major perfume house that makes use of traditional methods, mostly natural ingredients, and only very high-quality synthetics to create and craft their perfumes. Exceptional quality is one reason the House of Creed charge a premium for their perfume collection.

What perfume do male celebrities wear?

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  • Vera Wang Men by Vera Wang*
  • Millesime Imperial by Creed*
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