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What does groupbox mean in Microsoft Docs?

What does groupbox mean in Microsoft Docs?

Represents a Windows control that displays a frame around a group of controls with an optional caption. public class GroupBox : System. Windows. Forms. Control The following code example instantiates and creates a GroupBox and two RadioButton controls. The radio buttons are added to the group box and the group box is added to the Form.

What can I do with the qgroupbox class?

QGroupBox also lets you set the title (normally set in the constructor) and the title’s alignment. Group boxes can be checkable. Child widgets in checkable group boxes are enabled or disabled depending on whether or not the group box is checked. You can minimize the space consumption of a group box by enabling the flat property.

What should be the name of a group box?

For group box, use two lowercase words. Everywhere else, it is unnecessary to include the name of the group box in a procedure unless a dialog box contains more than one option with the same name. In such cases, use under with the group box name.

How to create a control similar to a groupbox?

If you need a control similar to a GroupBox that can contain a scroll bar, see the Panel control. Initializes a new instance of the GroupBox class. Gets the AccessibleObject assigned to the control. Gets or sets the default action description of the control for use by accessibility client applications.

How to set the location of the groupbox in C #?

Or in other words, GroupBox is a frame display around a group of controls with a suitable optional title. Or a GroupBox is used to categorize the related controls in a group. In GroupBox, you can set the location of the GroupBox in the form using Location Property.

What is a group box control in WPF?

A GroupBox control is a container that adds a header and a border to the area that can be used to place other controls. The XAML element and the GroupBox class in C# represents a group box control at design time and runtime respectively. The code examples in this tutorial creates a WPF app with a GroupBox.

How to add a group box to a form?

Controls.Add (groupBox2) End Sub The GroupBox displays a frame around a group of controls with or without a caption. Use a GroupBox to logically group a collection of controls on a form. The group box is a container control that can be used to define groups of controls.