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What is the Ford version of the Mercury Milan?

What is the Ford version of the Mercury Milan?


2020 Ford Fusion S FWD 2011 Mercury Milan I4
Powertrain 6-Speed Automatic 6-Speed Automatic 6-Speed Manual
Drivetrain FWD FWD FWD
Fuel Economy, City 21 MPG 23 MPG 22 MPG

Is a Mercury Milan reliable?

Most reliable car I’ve Owned This car was the most reliable car I have ever owned. have had a number of new and used cars, I found the Mercury Milan to have great styling, handled beautifully, and never broke down.

Is Mercury Milan a luxury car?

A mid-size entry-luxury sedan, the 2007 Mercury Milan is a comfortable family car that is offered with FWD or AWD, and a choice between a manual or an automatic transmission.

What car is similar to a Mercury Milan?

Mercury Milan
Platform Ford CD3 platform
Related Ford Fusion Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ Mazda6
Engine 2.3 L Duratec 23 I4 2.5 L Duratec 25 I4 3.0 L Duratec 30 V6

What was the last year for Mercury Milan?

For its final model year, the 2011 Mercury Milan adds one-touch power front windows and integrated spotter mirrors to the standard equipment list.

Is a Mercury Milan a good first car?

It is a reliable first bought the car had 60,000 miles I’ve driven over 30,000 miles since bought car at now 100,000 miles. Equipped with sunroof, leather seats, quiet interior cabin and perfect options ever for a good blue book price ever looking for this kind of car.

Was Mercury nicer than Ford?

Originally created to be the mid-range luxury section of Ford manufactured cars, Mercury cars were, for over fifty years, some of the nicest cars available on the US market. Mercury cars from the 1950s to the 1970s were sometimes better than Ford and Chevy vehicles.

What company makes Mercury Milan?

MercuryFord Motor Company
Mercury Milan/Manufacturers

What is the value of a 2007 Mercury Milan?

The Mercury Milan with four-cylinder engine has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $19,445 for the base car and $21,410 for the Premier. The Milan V6 starts at $22,465, while a loaded V6 Premier tops out around $26,000.

Is the Mercury Milan a front wheel drive car?

Chassis. The Mercury Milan was built upon the Ford CD3 platform; a variant of the Mazda GG platform, it is used by the first-generations of the Ford Fusion, Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX. Using a steel unibody chassis, the CD3 platform is equipped with front-wheel drive as standard.

What’s the price of a 2011 Mercury Milan?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a 2011 Mercury Milan with the four-cylinder engine and manual transmission starts around $22,750 for the base model and $26,000 for the Premier. The Milan V6 starts closer to $28,000, while a loaded all-wheel-drive V6 Premier tops out around $34,000.

When did the Mercury Milan Hybrid come out?

Mercury Milan Hybrid. In March 2009, the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid was introduced with the Ford Fusion Hybrid to the US market. The powertrain consists of a 156hp Atkinson-cycle variant of the Duratec 25 gasoline engine, 106-horsepower AC synchronous electric motor, and a Aisin-produced continuously variable transmission.

Where was the last Ford Mercury Milan made?

As Ford announced the closure of the Mercury division, the Milan was produced in a shortened 2011 model year, with the final vehicle produced on December 17, 2010. All Mercury Milans were produced at Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.