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What portion of the talus articulates with the sustentaculum tali?

What portion of the talus articulates with the sustentaculum tali?

There are two joints under the talus (Fig. 6.76). Posteriorly the upper surface of the calcaneus articulates with the talus and anteriorly the head of the talus articulates with the sustentaculum tali of calcaneus, the navicular and the intervening spring ligament.

What is the function of the sustentaculum tali?

At the upper and forepart of the medial surface of the calcaneus is a horizontal eminence, the sustentaculum tali, which gives attachment to a slip of the tendon of the Tibialis posterior.

Which tendon passes under the sustentaculum tali?

flexor hallucis longus
The flexor hallucis longus is a muscle arising in the calf. Its tendon passes behind the medial malleolus of the ankle, and enters the sole in its medial side. It lies in the bony groove on the inferior surface of sustentaculum tali of the calcaneus as it enters the sole (see Fig. 1.2b).

Where is the sustentaculum tali located?

The sustentaculum tali is a triangular projection found on the medial surface of the calcaneus, with its base facing posteriorly and apex (Fig 3a) anteriorly. The superior surface contains the middle calcaneal facet.

Is the talus bone weight-bearing?

position in skeletal systems. The talus (astragalus) articulates above with the bones of the lower leg to form the ankle joint. The other six tarsals, tightly bound together by ligaments below the talus, function as a strong weight-bearing platform.

Which bones does the talus articulate with?

The talus (plural: tali 4), also known as the astragalus 4, is a tarsal bone in the hindfoot that articulates with the tibia, fibula, calcaneus, and navicular bones.

Which type of bone is the calcaneus comprised of?

The calcaneus is an irregular bone, cuboid in shape whose superior surface can be divided into three areas – the posterior, middle and anterior aspects.

What is the function of the calcaneus?

The heel bone and largest bone in the foot It is one of the tarsals, the bones that make up part of the foot and ankle. The calcaneus is the largest bone of the foot and provides the foundation for all of the other tarsals and metatarsals. The calcaneus strikes the ground with every footfall when running or walking.

How do you treat FHL tendon?

Treatment of tenosynovitis of the FHL involves resting the area and reducing the inflammation with ice and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Physical therapy can also help reduce inflammation with stretching, strengthening, massage, ultrasound and other modalities.

Is sustentaculum tali medial or lateral?

The sustentaculum tali forms the floor of middle facet, and the anterior facet articulates with the head of the talus, and sits lateral and congruent to the middle facet. In some people the middle and anterior facets are joined giving just one articulation.

What is the knot of Henry?

The master knot of Henry refers to a narrow space located between the anatomical crossover of the flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus tendons. This small space is prone to “intersection syndrome,” as a result of tendinosis, tenosynovitis, and tears of the aforementioned tendons at the knot of Henry.

How long does the talus bone take to heal?

Because it usually takes up to six to eight weeks to completely heal from a hairline fracture, it’s important to modify your activities during that time.

Where is the sustentaculum tali located in the foot?

The sustentaculum tali is a facet of the calcaneus, or heel bone. The sustentaculum tali is a facet of the calcaneus, or heel bone. Also known as the talar shelf, it is found on the medial side of the calcaneus, the same side of the foot as the big toe.

Is the sustentaculum tali flat or concave?

The sustentaculum tali is one such surface. It is an almost cylindrical prominence that emanates from the top inside aspect of the calcaneus like a rounded shelf. The top side of this shelf, however, is not flat but concave, and this is where the medial side of the talus forms a joint with the calcaneus.

Which is part of the talus support the calcaneus?

This structure is also known as Talar Shelf. The upper side of this console-shaped protrusion (also the Sustentaculum Tali), which is known as dorsal supports the middle surface of the calcaneus. This part corresponds to the mid-calcareal surface of the talus bone in order to offer support to the talus.

How are fractures of the sustentaculum tali treated?

This retrospective cohort study describes sustentacular fracture patterns and characteristics, associated foot injuries, and a method of surgical treatment via a medial approach to the calcaneus.