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What to do in Dease Lake?

What to do in Dease Lake?

Local Attractions & Parks

  • Stikine River Provincial Park.
  • Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park.
  • Mount Edziza Provincial Park & Recreation Area.
  • Gladys Lake Ecological Reserve.
  • Todagin South Slope Park.
  • Tatlatui Provincial Park.

Who is Dease Lake named after?

Peter Warren Dease
Visitor Information: at the Northway Motor Inn and the Arctic Divide Lodge. The lake was named in 1834 by John McLeod of the Hudson’s Bay Co. for Chief Factor Peter Warren Dease. Laketon, across the lake, was a centre for boat building during the Cassiar gold rush of 1872–1880.

How long is Dease Lake?

Nowadays, the river is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, as paddlers discover this 265-km waterway. It’s mostly Class l and ll, with some Class lll rapids.

When did Cassiar mine close?

In early 1992, the mine shut down and the company went into receivership. With no takers, the provincial government initiated an auction of Cassiar’s assets seven months later. After 40 years, Cassiar was no more. Cassiar was sold off piece by piece over five days in September of 1992.

Is BC Highway 37 paved?

Highway 37 Stewart-Cassiar – Scenic Road to Northern Adventure. As the route is fully paved, with the exception of about one kilometre (and a few short stretches that are marked) it’s fine for RV travel.

What does Red Chris mine?

Red Chris is owned and operated by Red Chris Development Company, a subsidiary of Imperial Metals Corporation. The mine currently processes 30,000 tonnes per day. In 2016 it produced 83,614,000 pounds of copper, 47,088 ounces of gold and 190,624 ounces of silver.

Where is the Red Chris mine?

northwest British Columbia
Red Chris Development Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Imperial, holds 30% interest in the Red Chris copper/gold mine in northwest British Columbia, 80 km south of Dease Lake.

Does anyone live in kitsault BC?

Kitsault is an unincorporated settlement on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada, at the head of Alice Arm, Observatory Inlet and at the mouth of the Kitsault River.

What happened to Ocean Falls?

Threatened with a complete shutdown, the provincial government bought the mill and town in 1973, but continued financial factors eventually doomed Ocean Falls. In 1980, the mill was shut down. And the town largely razed. The Martin Inn, at one time B.C.’s second largest hotel, was left standing.

Can you drive to Cassiar BC?

Driving the Cassiar Highway instead of the entire Alaska Highway saves about 130 miles/210 km. The Cassiar provides access to Hyder, AK, and Stewart, BC, via the 40-mile/64-km Stewart-Hyder access road (Highway 37A) from Meziadin Junction at Milepost J 97.

Who owns Red Chris mine?

In August 2019, Newcrest acquired 70% of the Red Chris operation in a joint venture with Imperial Metals. In March 2019, and following an intensive due diligence process, Newcrest entered into an agreement with Imperial Metals to acquire 70% of the Red Chris Mine.