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Which is the best Waiata in Te Reo Maori?

Which is the best Waiata in Te Reo Maori?

As part of Te Wiki o te reo Maori, our entertainment reporters compiled our top favourite waiata – i te reo Māori . Ranging from traditional to nationalistic to 80s disco party, we’ve sourced some beautiful tunes that for hit all the right notes and all the right beats.

How are waiata related to the Waikato River?

Waiata often describe a journey along the Waikato River. For example, the following is a part of the lament of a Ngāti Mahuta chief for his wife who passed away. It likened her journey to a waka travelling to his wife’s traditional territory along the Waikato River on its way to heaven.

How does a waiata Tautoko work for TUI Ora?

Waiata tautoko may proceed. If the pōwhiri is for a new staff member the following process will apply: After Tui Ora leadership and/or team leaders have spoken, the new staff are invited to speak along with Whakaurungatangamembers of their support whānau.

What can waiata and Haka be used for?

The waiata and haka in this collection can also be used to support the integration of Māori language and culture into other learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, such as the arts, social sciences, technology, and health and physical education. Copyright © Crown 2009. All rights reserved.

Who is the creator of Waiata Maori YouTube?

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Where can I buy Maori music in New Zealand?

This is a compilation of about 300 waiata for primary and secondary school teachers of te Reo Māori. If you are in NZ, you can hunt for it at your local library or Kohanga Reo. Here is how you can buy it.

What are the names of the Maori Songs?

1884 2nd Takoto Rawa Iho – Te Kooti’s call; peace, not revenge. 1890 2nd Pinepine te Kura – Te Kooti denounces betrayers. 1896 4th Kaore te Aroha Mohukihuki – protest to Prime Minister. 1870s White’s ‘ Ancient History’ – stories, songs. Enter a Maori or English word in the box below. Maori songbook contents.