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Which was the biggest flood in Kerala?

Which was the biggest flood in Kerala?

Great flood of 99. The Great flood of ’99 (Malayalam:’തൊണ്ണൂറ്റി ഒമ്പതിലെ വെള്ളപ്പൊക്കം’ (Thonnootti Onbathile Vellapokkam) occurred when the Periyar River in Kerala state of India flooded in the month of July 1924. This happened in the year 1099 ME in the Malayalam Calendar (Kollam Era).

What caused the floods in Kerala?

The extreme rains were triggered by a depression toss the Arabian sea resulting in intense convection over Kerala. Every year parts of South Asia are hit by a period of heavy rains known monsoons which usually fall between June and September. It is caused by a change of wind patterns over the region.

When was the first flood in Kerala?

It is the worst flood in Kerala after the great flood of 99 that took place in 1924. Thirty-five out of the fifty-four dams within the state were opened, for the first time in history…

Why was Kerala taken by surprise by the floods?

On 16 August 2018, severe floods affected the south Indian state Kerala, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. The Indian government had declared it a Level 3 Calamity, or “calamity of a severe nature”. It is the worst flood in Kerala after the great flood of 99 that took place in 1924.

What is the conclusion of Kerala flood?

What is the conclusion of Kerala flood? Answer. kerala flood is a very serious and dangerous disaster which in last concluded many effects and harmed to the scenic beauty of kerala and destroyed many agricultural crops. this also harmed many lives and many lives were also lost during it.

What is the impact of Kerala floods?

The State Land Revenue Department reported around 330 landslides, and the projected economic loss crossed INR 31,000 crore. More than 100 people were reported dead due to the landslides. The landslides also resulted in crop loss, with more than 300 acres of coffee and tea plantations in the state affected.

Will flood occur in Kerala 2020?

On 7 August 2020, due to heavy rainfall in the monsoon season, severe floods affected Kerala, India…

Is Kerala flood prone?

Prone to floods and landslides, Kerala has no warning system to avert tragedies. In Kerala, all the 14 districts are flood-prone and all but one are prone to landslides. The state has been mostly depending on the forecasts of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to chart out its flood response.

What is conclusion of flood?

Climate change is expected to affect flooding through changes in rainfall, temperature, sea level and river processes. Climate change may change flood risk management priorities and may even increase the risk from flooding to unacceptable levels in some places. …

What can we learn from Kerala flood?

An able coordination mechanism is key to motivate the hundreds who are already in the flood impacted areas and for the many more to come. Strong coordination mechanisms will also help to assign roles and responsibilities and avoid duplication of efforts and wastage of precious resources.

How can we prevent floods?

10 measures to prevent (urban) flooding

  1. Create a ‘sponge city’
  2. Green roofs/rooftop gardens.
  3. Create flood plains and overflow areas for rivers.
  4. Separating rainwater from the sewer system.
  5. Install water infiltration and attenuation systems.
  6. Keep the sewer system clean, so it can do its job.

When was tsunami in Kerala?

December 26, 2004
The Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004, not only affected the Bay of Bengal coast of India but also part of the Arabian Sea coast of India. In particular, the tsunami caused loss of life and heavy damage on some parts of the Kerala coast in southwest India.

What was the impact of the Kerala flood of 1924?

Kerala floods: The deluge of 1924 was smaller, but impact was similar. Records show that thousands of people lost their lives and property, flora and fauna were destroyed and several parts of the Malabar region were submerged in water.

Who are the Malayalam writers of 1924 flood?

The flood narratives of Malayalam writers such as Kovilan’s Thottanghal, Kakkanadan Orotha, Thakazhi’s Vellappokatthil,Vaikom Muhammed Basheer’s “Oru valiya Karinthol”, Puthenkavu Mathan Tharakan’s Ormakalude Naatil and Cherukad’s Jeevitapaatha bestow the real aura of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives on the 1924 flood in Kerala.

What was the year of the disaster in Kerala?

The Malayalam year 1099 (ME), or what was 1924 in the Gregorian calendar, is often considered to be a landmark moment in Kerala’s history. That year the much endeared season of rains in the state transformed into a disaster of monstrous dimensions.

What was the cause of the Great Flood of 1924?

During the flood in the year 1924 AD (23 July 1924), the route was damaged due to landslides at Karinthiri near Munnar. Since then, the road was not used and an alternate route from Kothamangalam was conceived and constructed.