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Who is the writer and director of the matrix?

Who is the writer and director of the matrix?

For the franchise it initiated, see The Matrix (franchise). For other uses, see Matrix. The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis, and produced by Joel Silver.

How is the movie The Matrix a success?

Upon its release The Matrix was a critical and commercial success. The film earned a rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes [2] and a score of 73 on Metacritic. [3] During its theatrical run the film grossed more than 463 million dollars worldwide. [4]

Who is Keanu Reeves character in the matrix?

Keanu Reeves as Neo: A computer programmer, born Thomas A. Anderson, who secretly operates as a hacker named Neo. Reeves described his character as someone who felt that something was wrong, and was searching for Morpheus and the truth to break free.

Who are the main characters in the matrix?

The film stars Keanu Reeves as computer hacker Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Neo’s teacher of sorts, and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Neo’s love interest. Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a computer hacker contacted by a fellow hacker who offers to explain a phrase he’s seen online, “The Matrix.”

Who was the woman who won the matrix case?

Sophia Stewart won a large judgment in a copyright infringement suit over authorship of the film The Matrix. Do you rely on Snopes reporting? Click here to support it. The Matrix was an immediate box office hit upon its release in March 1999, quickly grabbing the public’s imagination and its movie-going dollars.

What did the Wachowskis do with the matrix?

The Matrix franchise was further expanded, with the Wachowskis being heavily involved, through the production of comic books, video games and animated short films. The Matrix franchise has even inspired books and theories expanding on some of the religious and philosophical ideas alluded to in the movies.

What kind of science fiction is the matrix?

The Matrix. The Matrix is an example of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction. The Wachowskis’ approach to action scenes was influenced by Japanese animation and martial arts films, and the film’s use of fight choreographers and wire fu techniques from Hong Kong action cinema influenced subsequent Hollywood action film productions.