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Who makes Callisto herbicide?

Who makes Callisto herbicide?

Syngenta US
Callisto – Herbicide Product & Label Information | Syngenta US.

How tall of corn can you spray Callisto on?

It is extremely important to note that atrazine and atrazine-containing products can only be applied on corn up to 12 inches in height….Table 1. Maximum height for postemergence herbicides in corn.

Herbicide Rate/A Maximum Height
Callisto 3 fl oz 30” or 8 collars

What is the active ingredient in Callisto?

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT Callisto is a Group 27 Herbicide (contains the active ingredient mesotrione). Naturally occurring biotypes of certain broadleaf weed species with resistance to triazines, glyphosate, PRO, HPPD and ALS inhibiting herbicides are known to exist.

What weeds does Callisto kill?

Weeds controlled: Callisto® is effective against a large array of weeds, including: smartweed (ladysthumb), carpetweed, ragweed, pigweed, birdsfoot trefoil, violet, marsh St. johnswort, buttercup, and many others.

Does Callisto have residual?

Callisto Herbicide is a systemic preemergence and postemergence herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of broadleaf weeds in field corn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, sweet corn, and other listed crops.

What is Callisto Xtra?

Callisto Xtra is a selective preemergence and postemergence herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds and certain grasses in field corn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, sweet corn, grain sorghum and sugarcane. Callisto Xtra is systemic and is absorbed through the foliage of emerged weeds and by soil uptake.

How late can you spray Roundup on corn?

For Roundup Ready Corn 2 from emergence through the V8 stage (8 leaves with collars) or until corn height reaches 30 inches, whichever comes first, this product may be applied over-the-top broadcast or with drop nozzles.

When should I spray Roundup on my corn?

How to Spray Roundup Ready Corn

  1. Use a soil-applied residual herbicide at the beginning of each growing season.
  2. Perform the first post-emergence application of Roundup when weeds reach three to four inches in height.
  3. Scout your fields two to three weeks after the first post-emergence application of Roundup.

Is Callisto a restricted use pesticide?

RESTRICTION: Callisto Herbicide can be applied aerially only to corn and sugarcane. RESTRICTION: For aerial application use only nozzles producing coarse-ultra coarse droplets. Do not use nozzles producing fine-medium size droplets.

How long does Callisto take to kill weeds?

Complete death of the weeds may take up to 2 weeks. The product is absorbed through the soil and/ or by the foliage of emerged weeds. Callisto Herbicide is not effective for the control of most grass weeds.

Is tenacity toxic to humans?

Tenacity received reduced-risk status by the EPA based on its unique mode of action, low use rates, and favorable toxicity and human health profiles, as compared to other herbicides currently on the market.

Is Liberty herbicide restricted use?

This product is a restricted use herbicide due to ground water concerns. Users must read and follow all precautionary statements and instructions for use in order to minimize potential for atrazine to reach ground water.

What kind of weeds can Callisto herbicide kill?

Product Overview. Callisto Herbicide is a powerful preemergence and postemergence herbicide. Contains mesotrione as its active ingredient, making it effective in controlling a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds. It is ideal to use in crops such as perennial and annual ryegrass, oats, yellow popcorn, corn, bluegrass, sugarcane, okra, and tall fescue.

What kind of herbicide is Syngenta Callisto?

CALLISTO 480SC Herbicide has a high level of crop safety to allow for flexibility in application timing in corn, MGI tolerant soybeans, and cranberries. CALLISTO 480SC Herbicide may be tank mixed with a range of herbicides as part of a one pass broad-spectrum weed control program in corn, and MGI tolerant soybeans.

How often should Callisto 480sc be applied to soybeans?

Harvest MGI tolerant soybean seed at normal maturity, DO NOT graze or harvest treated forage or hay for livestock feed. 1. Apply no more than 0.30 L/ha CALLISTO 480SC Herbicide per MGI tolerant soybean crop per year. One application per crop year. 2. Do not apply CALLISTO 480SC Herbicide to more than 140 ha of MGI tolerant soybeans per day.

How much Callisto 480sc to spray for ragweed?

Apply CALLISTO 480SC Herbicide at 0.30 L per hectare in a spray volume of 200 L and a minimum pressure of 206 kPa (refer to the “ MIXING AND SPRAYING INSTRUCTIONS ” section of this label). common ragweed (suppression).