Does anyone use bar ends anymore?

Does anyone use bar ends anymore?

There are still a handful of bar end fans out there. You may know of someone who still has cattle prongs on their bike. But they are very much in the microscopic minority. Even XC racers ditched bar ends sometime around the millennium.

What is the purpose of bar ends?

Bar ends will extend your handlebar, and allow you to move your hands more forward, this lowers the center of gravity at the same time. When you go uphill bar will make it a little bit easier and will increase leverage.

Why dont mountain bikers use bar ends anymore?

Bar ends disappeared from mountain bikes shortly after the introduction of wide riser handlebars. The extended width and height of risers provided additional leverage when climbing which duplicates one of bar ends’ main advantages – efficiency during ascents.

What angle should bar ends be?

Most riders place the bars just above 90 degrees from the steering tube. Since the steering tube is angled forward about 15°, the bars have an angle of about 20 to 30° from the ground.

Are drop bar ends good?

For long distance, nontechnical riding, drop bars are great. My commuter/touring bike/gravel bike has them. I’ve even ridden some easy singletrack on them. Nice thing about riding in the drops on dirt is that the extra bar length flexes quite a bit and provides some cushion, fwiw.

Why is there no more bar ends?

Do you need bar ends on a mountain bike?

Is the bar ends really necessary? There is a need for the bar to end on mountain bikes for the purpose of protection. They can provide damage if your handlebars are wide enough and/or your bike is narrow enough.

Do weighted bar ends work?

They make a big difference. The Bonneville I had before this bike had Napoleon bar ends mounted and those cut the vibration down as well. On long rides my right hand finger tips would get numb, that is no longer an issue. So yes they work very well.

Do carbon bars reduce vibration?

Carbon handlebars reduce vibrations as long as you get a model that’s “flexy”. The extent of the effect, however, is questionable. The material of the handlebars isn’t as high on the list. Carbon handlebars are reserved for high-end bikes where 100 grams or so matter.