How do I get from Barcelona to Montserrat?

How do I get from Barcelona to Montserrat?

From Plaça Espanya in Barcelona, take the R5 line to Aeri de Montserrat. The journey by train takes approximately one hour and costs €5.25 one way. From Aeri de Montserrat, take the cable car to the top. This costs €7.50 one way, €11.50 for a return ticket.

Is Montserrat worth visiting?

Because Montserrat is outside of the city and based in the countryside it also offers you a quiet and serene environment. A place where you can just unwind and relax for the whole day. You can take a tour inside the Montserrat Basilica and the museums.

How far is Montserrat from Barcelona by car?

50 km
Montserrat is located 50 km north west of Barcelona. If you hire a car, it’s a short drive, the journey will take you around 1h. You can drive all the way up to Montserrat and park your car for free during the first 2 hours. After that they charge you around 5€/hour.

Is there a dress code for Montserrat?

Correct dress code is necessary for entrance to Montserrat Basilica; people wearing tank tops, strapless shirts, short shorts or sandals will not be permitted to enter. This tour includes walking; we recommend comfortable shoes.

Is Montserrat monastery free?

You can walk around the Monastery and visit the Basilica for free. You can also view the Black Madonna with no charge. Although there are donation boxes in the basilica if you want to make cash donations to the Monastery. However, there are some attractions in Montserrat with entrance fees.

What should I wear to Montserrat?

How do I not look like a tourist in Spain?

Here’s how to NOT look like a tourist in Madrid, Spain

  1. Do make sure to drink beer.
  2. Do eat a big lunch then tapas late at night.
  3. Don’t go to a night club before 1am.
  4. Do have a go at jogging in Retiro Park.
  5. Don’t bother wearing flip flops.
  6. Do always wear or carry sunglasses.

Is La Rambla safe at night?

At night (after 23:30) the south end of Las Ramblas (between the Grand Theatre Liceu and Colum) may be a little seedy but still relatively safe. However, if you’re not comfortable, you can avoid this area at night.