How do you get cool backgrounds on Clash of Clans?

How do you get cool backgrounds on Clash of Clans?

After purchasing a Clash of Clans new scenery, you can easily change the default Classic Scenery by heading over to the Town Hall. Once you are in the Town Hall, just click on the ‘Change Scenery’ option. So far, the game has added three sceneries that can be purchased from the shop.

Why won t Clash of Clans load on ipad?

Troubleshooting Steps Check the Clash of Clans Facebook/Twitter page to check for any post specifying server-wide issues. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do until they have solved the issue. Close the app and relaunch it. Power your device off and back on, then try re-launching the app.

Why does Clash of Clans keep crashing IPAD?

Clear app data storage or cache If Clash of Clans won’t open on Android or iOS, clear the app’s cache: Go to Settings. Tap on Apps and Notifications. Select Clash of Clans.

How to fix CoC black screen?

To fix the ‘black screen of death’ issue on the CoC app, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and then select Apps and Notifications.
  2. Click the ‘Clash of Clans’ app.
  3. Select Storage and then tap on the ‘Clear cache’ option.
  4. Now, go back and tap on the ‘Force stop’ button.
  5. Restart the app.

How do you get free scenery on clash of clans?

You can switch between different Sceneries by tapping on your Town Hall and then tapping the “Change Scenery” button.

How do you get free scenes in clash of clans?

And unfortunately, there is no way you can get them for free. When you have successfully got your sceneries then you will want to install them and to do that there are some steps which you will have to follow. After that, you can easily change the default sceneries by going to the Town Hall.

Is Clash of Clans shutting down?

On 5 November 2019, it was announced that the game would not be continued, and would shut down on 30 November.

Why COC is not installing?

Instructions. To fix the Clash of Clans update “your device is not compatible with this version” error message, try clearing the Google Play Store cache, and then data. Next, restart the Google Play Store and accept the update again. Next scroll down and find Google Play Store.

How can I restart my clash of clans?

Fandom. Clash of Clans – How to restart your village. In Clash of Clans there is no thing like restarting your village. If you dont want your village all that you can do is to abandon that base and start a new game (if it is not linked with google play account for android users).

Why is my clash of clans not updating?

Head to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Find Clash of Clans and hit clear cache. Then restart your phone and try to update or play the game. Users need to download Samsung’s Game Tuner app, and probably Game Services (Game Mode) to fix the problem in settings.

What is a beautiful scenery?

Scenery is a word for how a place looks, especially a beautiful, outdoorsy place. If you go to a place with mountains, and beautiful trees, and gorgeous skies, then it’s got great scenery.

Is there a glitch for Clash of clans?

For those of you that are thinking about Clash of Clans free Gems glitch, this is not actually a glitch but, if you want to call it that way, I don’t really mind. However you should know that this has nothing to do with glitching the game.

Are there any cheats for Clash of clans iPhone?

Clash of Clans Cheats for iPhone There are no cheats in Clash of Clans, there are plenty of sites that will claim that they can give you cheats to progress in the game but as of 2020 there are no cheats. Have a look at out Clash of Clans tips section below to find out how you can progress quicker in the game.

What kind of game is Clash of clans?

Clash of clans is a fremium mobile strategy video game that is available on iPhone devices. The game is set in a fantasy-themed world where you play the role of a chief of a village and build it up using resources gained from attacking other players.

Are there any free gems for Clash of clans?

This is why I wanted to revisit this modern classic and introduce you with the Clash of Clans free Gems generator 2020. For those of you that are thinking about Clash of Clans free Gems glitch, this is not actually a glitch but, if you want to call it that way, I don’t really mind.