How do you make an image map in Dreamweaver?

How do you make an image map in Dreamweaver?

To make an image map using Dreamweaver:

  1. Select Design view, add the image to the web page, then select it.
  2. In the Properties panel, go to the Map field and enter a name for the image map.
  3. Select one of the three hotspot drawing tools (rectangle, circle, or polygon), then draw a shape to define the area for a link.

How do I create an image map?

To create an image map:

  1. Add the Tag. Embed the image into the page using the usual method (via the element). Of course, the image must be available on the web first.
  2. Add the Map. Use the HTML tag to create a map with a name.
  3. Link them with the usemap Attribute. This bit links the map with the image.

How do you create a hot spot in an image map?

Insert client-side image maps

  1. Select the circle tool and drag the pointer over the image to create a circular hotspot.
  2. Select the rectangle tool and drag the pointer over the image to create a rectangular hotspot.
  3. Select the polygon tool and define an irregularly shaped hotspot by clicking once for each corner point.

What is hotspot in Dreamweaver?

An image map is an image that contains one or more clickable sections. These are referred to as hotspots and they function as hyperlinks. In Dreamweaver, you can create oval, rectangular, or polygonal hotspots. You can also edit hotspots by selecting, moving, and deleting them, or by changing a hyperlink.

Are image maps responsive?

Image maps, however, are not natively responsive. That means that if the image needs to be scaled down due to the browser window being resized or the page being viewed on a mobile device, the image map and its clickable area will not scale down with it.

What is a clickable image called?

A clickable image is often part of what is known as a graphical user interface or GUI, which is used in operating systems or computer programs, for example.

What are the 4 possible shapes when creating a hot spot?

shape – refers to the type of shape you want for the hotspot. You have three choices for the shape: rect, circle, and poly. coords – refers to the coordinates for the location of a hotspot. The value for this attibute depend on the type of shape you want.

How to create an image map in Dreamweaver?

Be sure to check it out. Make sure you work in the Design View or Split View (not Code view) in Dreamweaver Insert an image onto your HTML page by using the menu Insert/Image Click on the image to select it. This will display the Image section on the Properties panel.

How to create a website with Dreamweaver CS4?

Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial: How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver CS4 by Christopher Heng, For those who don’t know, Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Suite 4 (CS4) is a well-known commercial web editor that enables you to design, build and manage complex websites.

Do you need Dreamweaver for this tutorial?

Dreamweaver Since this is a Dreamweaver CS4 tutorial, it stands to reason that you will need Dreamweaver. Note that this tutorial assumes that you are using Dreamweaver CS 4. If you use a different version of Dreamweaver, read the relevant tutorials for them: CS6, CS5.5, CS5and CS3.

Where is the menu bar in Dreamweaver CS4?

Near the top of the window is a menu bar with the words “File Edit View Insert Modify Format Commands Site Window Help”. This menu bar allows you to access many of Dreamweaver’s features. We will be using this menu bar extensively in the course of the tutorial.