Is Leveling up bad in FF8?

Is Leveling up bad in FF8?

There are two main benefits to leveling up: 1) Getting AP points for your GF’s. Without your GFs getting stronger, and learning new abilities (especially item-refining abilities), it’s hard to beat many bosses. Therefore, the main point in ‘grinding’ in FF8 is to level up your GFs.

Should I level in ff8?

With few exceptions, leveling makes the game harder. I’d say significantly so. Not that the game could become unmanageable… some people just seem to forget how totally and utterly easy it is at base levels with high level junctions whereas it’s just a plain ol’ easy if you overlevel a lot and have good junctions.

How do I level up my girlfriend in ff8?

The best way is to fight as per normal, but only junction the gf you want to level as the only gf on one character. That way the gf gains full exp.

What does boost GF do in ff8?

Boost in Final Fantasy VIII. Boost (おうえん, Ouen?), also known as Galvanize and Battle Cry, is a recurring ability in the series that increases the damage dealt by the next attack. Boost oftentimes overlaps with Cheer and Focus.

When should I start leveling up ff8?

I’d recommend the following levels… End of Disk 1: Around level 20. End of Disk 2: Around level 30. Disk 3 is when you have access to all GF’s that boost stats at level up called the bonus abilities.

Is there a no level up guide for Final Fantasy 8?

FINAL FANTASY 8 NO LEVEL UP GUIDE version 1.1 Written by: EDMAN [email protected] 29th December, 2002 This is a No Level Up Guide. It gets you through the game without getting your characters to level up a single level (yes, that means fighting the final boss at LV7).

How many AP do you need for a card in Final Fantasy VIII?

It only requires 40 AP, so it won’t take long (note: if you’re playing a no-level game, let Seifer learn Card for you in Dollet). As soon as Card is learned, junction it. To Card an enemy, beat down its HP (just don’t kill it) then use Card.

What do the numbers mean in Final Fantasy VIII?

The numbers on the left and right of the card grid keep score. The left number tells how many cards belong to your opponent, and the right number tells how many belong to you. Head to the save point near the directory and save your game.

Why did I write a Final Fantasy card game FAQ?

RPGGranny, a friend of mine at the FF8 board here at Gamefaqs, convinced me to write this FAQ. She said she needed a guide that took her by the hand and led her through the card game, so that’s what I’ve attempted to do.