Is Michael De Santa a good guy?

Is Michael De Santa a good guy?

Despite all of the negatives, Michael does possess a good side to his personality. Such as him being a very considerate individual, as he paid Franklin for doing what he was forced to do and drive through the front of his boss’ business, even though the latter broke into Michael’s mansion.

What happened to Michael De Santa?

Michael De Santa, formerly known as Michael Townley is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who will be appearing in the newest Grand Theft Auto game, Grand Theft Auto V as one of the three playable characters….

Michael De Santa
Date of death: January 6th 2021 (age 37) Cause of death: Drop on the ground by Franklin

Why does Michael betray Trevor?

Trevor was meant to die from the sniper shot and be buried in Michael’s place because he was becoming too crazy and had nothing to lose, while Michael had a family and needed to get out. It was either Michael who would get out or they all would eventually end up dead, that was his justification.

Does Michael ever get his family back GTA 5?

Time of day. Michael apologizes to Amanda, with Jimmy’s help. Reuniting the Family is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that protagonist Michael De Santa performs independently.

Why did Michael fake his death in GTA 5?

Backstory of Michael De Santa Michael De Santa, previously known as Michael Townley, had a rough past and was subjected to the violence of an abusive father. In order to escape from his past and lead a better life with his family, Michael faked his death, changed his name and moved to Los Santos.

Is CJ Dead GTA?

After GTA San Andreas At the very end of the game, Carl is a young and wealthy man. An Easter egg in GTA IV suggests that Carl, along with the other 3D Universe protagonists, are dead. However, this is simply to commemorate the game being the beginning of a new era and it is not considered canon.

Who is Tonya gta5?

Tonya Wiggins is a character that appears as a Stranger & Freaks in Grand Theft Auto V. Tonya Wiggins is a childhood friend of Franklin’s. She and her boyfriend JB are crackheads, although she’s the more functional of the two.

Where is los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V?

Like Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, the time and date of the city in Grand Theft Auto V is the same as the year the game was released ( 2013 ). Los Santos serves as the County Seat of Los Santos County, the most developed and populated county in the southern part of the state of San Andreas .

Where does Michael de Santa live in GTA 5?

Upon their relocation to Los Santos, Michael and his family lived in a mansion in Rockford Hills, using the new surname “De Santa” (a long-term alias of Michael’s). “Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather.” Michael’s life in Los Santos has slowly pirouetted into a living nightmare.

Who is Jimmy de Santa in GTA V?

James “Jimmy” De Santa, formerly James Townley, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and tritagonist to Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V and a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Diamond Casino Heist update. 1…

Who is the LSPD in GTA los Santos?

The LSPD are accused of corruption and racism, including by Franklin Clinton. NOOSE operate out of Los Santos International Airport. The FIB and IAA both have buildings within the city, although both are later broken into. Many landmarks from the Greater Los Angeles Area appear in Los Santos in GTA V.