Is the Fender Blues Junior any good?

Is the Fender Blues Junior any good?

It’s wonderfully balanced and full, and adding effect pedals only enhances its tonal nature. Even more impressive is the fact that its overdriven grind is no longer mushy but growls instead, and a lot of that is its Celestion speaker coaxing the amp for a more controlled response.

Is a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe loud enough?

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is easily loud enough to keep up in a live mix with even the most aggressive drummer. If you don’t like the voicing of the stock speaker you could add in something like an Eminence Swamp Thang or Eminence Tonker and you’ll have your drummer crying in no time!

Is the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe a good pedal platform?

The Hot Rod Deluxe IV is a great pedal platform amp & I have been super happy with it! I run the amp completely clean and stack overdrive pedals. Since then i’m able to push the preamp section a little harder and get some of the best clean and overdriven tones out of this amp than ever before.

Is Blues Jr too loud for home?

Not too loud at all. I live in a townhouse (with little kids living next door) and I regularly play my BJr in the basement at odd hours in the middle of the night. Three on master and three on preamp and dialing back the guitar volume a little bit gets a nice tone at roughly TV volume.

Is a 40w amp loud enough to gig?

40 tube watts is plenty to gig with. If you have trouble keeping up with the drummer, or bassist, it’s due to the speakers you are playing through. If you are a gigging musician, you cannot be cheap with what speakers you play through. You have to have good speakers in a good cabinet.

Does Fender Hot Rod Deluxe have effects loop?

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is a modern Fender amplifier that uses tubes for both the preamp and the power amp. Like many modern tube amplifiers, the Hot Rod Deluxe offers an effects loop for digital or analog signal processing.

Does the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe have an effects loop?

How many watts is a Fender blues Junior?

15 watts
Fender Blues Junior IV All-tube Combo Amplifier Features: 15 watts is ideal for moving from stage to home. Easily portable size. Wide range of tones for players of all styles.

How heavy is a blues Jr?

31 lbs.
Fender Blues Junior

Blues Junior
Package Combo: 16″ × 18″ × 9.81″ (40.64 × 45.72 × 24.92 cm)
Cabinet Material Wood Covering Tolex or Diagonal Tweed Grille Silver sparkle or brown grille cloth Weight 31 lbs. (14.06 kg)
Speakers Celestion A-Type Speaker

Which is the best Fender Hot Rod AMP?

Again, a must-have amp that takes you back to Fender’s original era and sound. For guitarists who need a little extra horsepower from their Hot Rod Deluxe amps, the Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure is the perfect extension cabinet for it, and for all-around use with a variety of other combo amps.

What kind of AMP does Fender Blues Junior use?

If you gig often, you’ll find that one of the many prevalent amps that appear on a backline stage has been the trusty Fender Blues Junior. Soundmen love this small wonder because it’s easy to manage volume with its low wattage, and its single speaker can be quickly mic’d.

Which is better hot rod or Blues Deluxe?

Fits neatly beneath the Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Deluxe combos, adding volume, bass response and stage coverage to your sound. Couldn’t be happier with the clean tones.

What makes a Fender Junior guitar so good?

Soundmen love this small wonder because it’s easy to manage volume with its low wattage, and its single speaker can be quickly mic’d. Guitarists love it for its compact portability and single-channel front end that can be dialed in for luscious cleans that work great with pedals, or turned up for spongy overdrive.