Is there a ferry from Parga to Paxos?

Is there a ferry from Parga to Paxos?

As R_H says, there are no regular ferries from Parga to Paxos but if you sweet talk ‘Captain Billy’ from the Marco Polo there’s a possibility that he’ll do you a couple of ‘one ways’ on his day trips- the family travel business is based on Riga Feraiou Street opposite the Balthazar taverna and beneath the Dallas …

How long is the ferry from Corfu to Parga?

about 2 hours
About ferries to Parga Parga is connected by ferry with Corfu (about 2 hours) and Paxi island (about 1 hour and a half). Moreover, many tour boats depart from Parga and tour around the Ionian Sea.

How far is Parga from Paxos?

Parga is on mainland Greece. It is 20 kilometres from Vrika Beach on Antipaxos, and about 20 kilometres from Gaios on Paxos.

Where do you get the ferry from Corfu to Paxos?

The ferries from Corfu all arrive at the New Port in Gaios, which is the capital of Paxos and the main town on the island.

How much is the ferry from Corfu to Paxos?

The ‘ILIDA II’ is a reliable and efficient hydrofoil ferry service that travels between the New Port in Corfu and Gaios, Paxos. The journey time is around an hour and costs approximately 20 Euros.

Does Paxos have sandy beaches?

Description: Paxos’ only sandy beach is popular with families, also thanks to the many facilities, including lidos, watersports and a taverna. Access: easy, by car. Where: on the west coast, just across the island from Gaios. Description: a small shingle beach carved out of the cliffs of the west coast.

Can you get a boat from Corfu to Parga?

No, there is no direct ferry from Corfu to Párga. However, there are services departing from Corfu and arriving at Parga via Nísos Paxoí. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 3h 15m.

Is Parga a good place to holiday?

Having spent two weeks there I can tell you that Parga is a great place to visit if you like a lively resort full of bustling streets with all sorts of lovely shops, bars and restaurants. Parga is also great base from which to explore places both on the mainland and in the Ionian Sea.

How long is the ferry from Parga to Paxos?

45 min
The best way to get from Párga to Paxi without a car is to ferry which takes 45 min and costs . How long does it take to get from Párga to Paxi? The ferry from Parga to Nísos Paxoí takes 45 min including transfers and departs once daily.

Is Paxos expensive?

8 – Is Paxos expensive? Holiday prices are not cheap – it is a small and therefore relatively exclusive island with low volumes of travellers. And once you are there we have found that the prices are pretty average and as expected.

Can you take a car from Corfu to Paxos?

Paxos Ferries operates a car ferry from Corfu to Paxi twice daily. Tickets cost €20 and the journey takes 1h 30m.

Can you stay on Anti Paxos?

Yes, as Tina says, Anti Paxos is a lovely little island and makes a good daytrip from Paxos, but to actually stay there you would have to be the sort of person who really enjoys their own company!

Where is the boat from Parga to Paxos?

The boat leaves Parga at 10am, and heads straight for Voutoumi Beach on Antipaxos. After a swim stop next stop is the Blue Caves on Paxos for another swim stop before mooring at the port in Gaios for a couple of hours before returning back to Parga.

Where is Parga located in the Ionian Sea?

Parga – Paxos – Seek peace in full colour! Two wonderful corners of the Ionian Sea on a daily cruise! The town of Parga, that is built on a hill at the mainland of Greece, and the island of Paxos, which is close to the southern coast of Corfu!

How big is the island of Paxos in Greece?

Paxos can be found 14 kilometres south of Corfu, and about 20 kilometres from Parga ( Greece’s mainland). The island covers an area of some 19 square kilometres and it is situated amongst a beautiful cluster of picturesque small islands located in the Ionian Sea.

How long is the ferry from Corfu to Paxos?

The journey time is around 95 minutes and costs €10.30 EUR to Corfu and €15 EUR to Igoumenitsa. Once a booking has been made, your tickets are left on the boat for collection 30 mins before departure time.