What Are The Nutritional Supplements For Horses?

ABC’s formula of blue green algae has additional vitamins, trace elements, minerals, enzymes and Herbs. Algae helps with respiratory issues like heaves often associated with allergies. Blue green algae equine nutritional supplements can be added to the diet to maintain healthy and beautiful coats, Shiny eyes, to offset vitamin A inadequacy, to support the immune system and to aid in detoxification.


● Crude protein (min) – 10%

● Crude fat (min) – 1.5%

● Crude fiber (max) – 5%

Horse owners are now becoming more and more discriminating, when they choose the nutritional supplements for their horses. Best way for horse owners to fill the nutritional gaps in diet is to select high quality, science based products, but it is a challenging task that needs assistance from an equine nutritionist or veterinarian.

Blue green algae supplements benefit joint health but over the years horse owners have been warned repeatedly to avoid ingesting algae mainly through drinking water because many types of algae produce fatal toxins.

The blue green algae supplement given to the horse is tested- microcystin, a potent liver toxin produced by blue green algae may result in the death of the animal. Because the toxin is not isolated from the horse’s liver, blood or gastrointestinal contents.

So choosing a quality supplement is imperative for the safety of horses. Equine nutritional supplements aren’t manufactured like Pharmaceutical drugs but are loosely regulated by FDA( food and drug administration). You can also try CBD oil for horses. has all the details about it.

Blue Green algae – superfood for horses

Blue green algae is very high in chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamin B12 amino acids, Minerals and vitamins. It is enzymatically active and nutrient dense. The enzymes are critical. Many horse owners realise how much better horses do on natural pasture than hay. Hay does not contain enzymes and the heat drawing process causes good hay to lose many of its vitamin content fast. Feeding your horse on Blue Green algae is as close as you come to having your horse on pasture year-round. Blue green algae shows improvement in hoof quality.

Within a few weeks of starting on algae the fingernails get tougher. The same is true for hooves, they start growing faster and are much tougher. All this is due to the high trace mineral content of the alga. The horses that feed on algae have better attitudes and are easy to train. It helps horses in heavy competition, maintain a positive attitude and competitive edge.

Other Benefits

● Maintains beautiful coats and healthy, Shiny Eyes

● Aids in detoxification

● Offsets Vitamin A inadequacy

● Supports healthy immune system

Is The Algae Right For All?

No, everyone handles certain foods differently and horses are the same. As a new dietary ingredient it should be started in small amounts such as half to 1 teaspoon per day mixed with regular grain. If the horse refuses, reduce back even more. If he is still refusing, it is not the right food for the horse. Once the horse becomes used to the taste of the algae you can increase the amount to fit his needs.

To get maximum benefit it should be fed twice a day on a regular basis. It is very economical . The horse will love you more, if you take it too.