What did Libbie Hyman discover?

What did Libbie Hyman discover?

From an early age, Hyman demonstrated an interest in nature. She learned the scientific names of flowers from a high-school botany book that belonged to her brothers, and she made collections of butterflies and moths.

What is Libbie Hyman famous for?

Libbie Henrietta Hyman, (born Dec. 6, 1888, Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.—died Aug. 3, 1969, New York City), U.S. zoologist and writer particularly noted for her widely used texts and reference works on invertebrate and vertebrate zoology.

Who was Marie Libbie Hyman?

Libbie Henrietta Hyman (December 6, 1888 – August 3, 1969), was a U.S. zoologist. She wrote numerous works on invertebrate zoology and the widely used A Laboratory Manual for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (1922, revised in 1942).

How old was Libbie Hyman when she died?

80 years (1888–1969)
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What made Libbie Hyman study zoology?

What made Hyman choose to study zoology at university? Libbie was put off by the antisemitic harassment (anti-Jewish bullying) that she encountered from a laboratory assistant in the Botany department. She studied zoology instead.

When was Libbie Hyman born?

December 6, 1888
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Libbie Henrietta Hyman was born into a recently immigrated Jewish family on 6 December 1888 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Why did Hyman eventually go to university?

Despite graduating high school at top of her class, Libbie got a job in a factory instead of continuing her education. 7. Why did she eventually go to university? Hyman was encouraged to go to university by one of her old high school teachers.

What did Libbie Hyman do after graduating from high school?

What did Hyman do after she graduated from high school? After she graduated, Hyman became a lab assistant. However, she was not free to pursue her career: her father had died and her mother still required Hyman to take care of the house for her and her brothers.

Where and when was Libbie Hyman born?

December 6, 1888, Des Moines, Iowa, United States
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Why did Libbie Hyman go to university?

Who was Libbie Hyman and what did she do?

Libbie Hyman was one of the most influential vertebrate and invertebrate zoologists of all time. She single-handedly wrote and illustrated an unprecedented six-volume, 4,000-page treatise on approximately 1 million invertebrates.

How many volumes did Libbie Hyman write on invertebrates?

There Hyman created her six-volume treatise on invertebrates, The Invertebrates, drawing on her familiarity with several European languages and Russian, which she had learned from her father.

How is Libbie Hyman related to Echinodermata?

In it she developed her scientific theory that the Phylum Chordata, including all vertebrates, was evolutionarily related to the apparently very different and very much more primitive Echinodermata, such as starfish. This group is now known as the deuterostomes.

Where did Libbie Henrietta Hyman live in New York?

The first volume of The Invertebrates appeared in 1940. Hyman had always wanted to live in the country and indulge her interest in gardening. In 1941, she bought a house in Millwood, Westchester County, about thirty-five miles north of Times Square.