What does a high microalbumin creatinine ratio mean?

What does a high microalbumin creatinine ratio mean?

If your microalbumin creatinine ratio shows albumin in your urine, you may get tested again to confirm the results. If your results continue to show albumin in urine, it may mean you have early-stage kidney disease. If your test results show high levels of albumin, it may mean you have kidney failure.

What is a spot urine microalbumin to creatinine ratio test?

A microalbumin-to-creatinine ratio urine test involves measuring the amount of a protein called albumin in the urine (pee). The amount of urine albumin is compared with the quantity of a waste product in the urine called creatinine.

What is normal protein creatinine ratio in spot urine?


Urine collection method Normal Proteinuria or Macroalbuminuria
Total Protein
Spot urine protein:creatinine ratio <200 mg/g ≥200 mg/g
24-hour excretion <30 mg/day ≥300 mg/day

What is spot urine creatinine ratio?

Albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR) is the first method of preference to detect elevated protein. The recommended method to evaluate albuminuria is to measure urinary ACR in a spot urine sample. ACR is calculated by dividing albumin concentration in milligrams by creatinine concentration in grams.

How long can you live with microalbuminuria?

After 5 years of follow-up in 2000, 11% with normoalbuminuria at baseline, 26% with microalbuminuria, 44% with persistent proteinuria, and 71% with end-stage renal failure had died (Fig. 1). In an age- and sex-matched nondiabetic cohort, 4% of individuals would have died by 5 years (12).

What is the treatment for high microalbumin?

The blood pressure medicines called angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEs) or angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are preferred treatments. These medications relieve pressure inside the kidney filtering unit and also help lower protein/microalbumin urine levels.

How serious is albumin in urine?

If early kidney damage is not treated, larger amounts of albumin may leak into the urine. When the kidneys spill albumin, it can mean serious kidney damage is present. This can lead to chronic kidney disease.

What level of urine creatinine indicates kidney failure?

A creatinine level of greater than 1.2 for women and greater than 1.4 for men may be an early sign that the kidneys are not working properly.

What does it mean if your protein creatinine ratio is high?

Elevated levels may be seen temporarily with conditions such as infections, stress, pregnancy, diet, cold exposure, or heavy exercise. Persistent protein in the urine suggests possible kidney damage or some other condition that requires additional testing to determine the cause.

What is normal creatinine level in urine in mg dL?

Normal levels vary according to your body size and muscle mass. For example, a normal range for men is between 0.6 and 1.2 mg/dl and a normal range for women is between 0.5 and 1.1 mg/dl.

What is the best treatment for microalbuminuria?

Initiation of ACE inhibitor or ARB therapy should be considered in patients with microalbuminuria or overt proteinuria. The level of albuminuria should be followed up during treatment, and doses of the ACE inhibitor or ARB should be titrated upward to maximize the beneficial effect on albuminuria.

What causes high microalbumin level in urine?

Finding microalbumin in your urine also may mean you are at a higher risk for heart disease. Higher levels of microalbumin may also be caused by blood in your urine, a urinary tract infection, and an acid-base imbalance in your blood.

How to reduce micro albumin in urine?

Take a lot of water. Drinking enough water will help flush out some of the albumin in the urine. Those who sweat a lot and exercise more often should take more water to prevent dehydration. Dehydration will raise the level of microalbumin in your urine.

What is the normal range for a random urine microalbumin?

As such normal range of urine microalbumin is measured in mg/L. Less than 30 mg is normal. Thirty to 300 mg indicates early kidney disease (microalbuminuria). More than 300 mg indicates more advanced kidney disease (macroalbuminuria).

How can microalbumin in my urine be reduced?

so give your kidneys time to rest by reducing your protein intake.

  • Avoid alcohol. Getting abnormal levels of microalbumin on your test results is indicative of poor kidney function.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Lower your blood pressure.