What does Smith and Nephew do?

What does Smith and Nephew do?

Smith+Nephew is a global medical technology company. We design and manufacture technology that takes the limits off living. We support healthcare professionals to return their patients to health and mobility, helping them to perform at their fullest potential.

What does Smith Nephew sell?

Smith & Nephew Inc manufactures these top selling medical products: Hypafix Tape, Acticoat Dressing, Cica Care, and Allevyn Dressing. We also carry popular Smith and Nephew products like the Secura Cleanser, the Primapore Dressing, and the Unisolve Wipes.

How many products does Smith and Nephew have?

Instantly search our 50,000 catalog items.

Is Smith and Nephew a British company?

Today, Smith+Nephew is a public limited company incorporated and headquartered in the UK and doing business in many countries around the world.

Who are Smith and Nephew competitors?

Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Trauma Fixation Market

  • DePuy Synthes.
  • Stryker.
  • Zimmer Biomet.

How many employees does Smith and Nephew have?

14,000 employees
Smith & Nephew’s business is diversified with devices for the orthopedic reconstruction, advanced wound management, sports medicine and trauma and extremities markets. The company includes nearly 14,000 employees worldwide and has a presence in more than 100 countries.

Do medical sales reps make a lot of money?

Medical sales jobs will always be in high demand. You’re likely already aware of the high earning potential of medical sales. In fact, according to MedReps most recent research, average total compensation for medical sales reps is $149,544 — with an average base of $92,698 and an average bonus of $63,318.

Who is the CEO of Smith and Nephew?

Roland Diggelmann
Smith & Nephew/CEO

Is Smith and Nephew a private company?

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What makes Smith’s quality practices the best in the world?

Smith’s quality practices innovate as fast as the technology around us, with constant diligence, growth, and attention to detail keeping us at the industry’s forefront. We offer customizable service programs to support your most complex needs and supply chain situations.

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