What is 12S plug?

What is 12S plug?

The 7 Pin ‘S’ Type ( 12S ) trailer plug is used for supplying reverse lights and. gives auxiliary power to other systems such as fridges, internal lights and charging systems.

Can you plug a 12 pin plug into a 7 pin socket?

7 Pin vs 12 Pin The 12 pin socket not only allows you to wire up additional accessories, but it also allow for more versatility when towing. For example, a 7 pin plug (on a caravan) can fit into a 12 pin socket (on a vehicle) but it be done in reverse.

What is twin electrics for on towbar?

Twin electrics (the second socket is a 12S socket) provides you with two 7 pin sockets at the rear of your vehicle. This allows you to tow any trailer or caravan as your entire road legal lighting (including reversing lights) are provided.

Can you change a 7 pin towbar to a 13 pin?

If you have 7 pin electrics fitted on your car: A 7 pin to 13 pin adapter is most commonly used when you have a towbar fitted with 7 pin electrics for a trailer, but you want to attach a cycle carrier which has a 13 pin plug. It can also be used to plug in a caravan which has a 13 pin plug.

What does the GREY plug on a caravan do?

The extra grey socket provides power to operate the interior functions of the caravan such as the interior lights, run the fridge and charge the battery while you are towing. This type of socket has been replaced on caravans built after 2008 in the UK. New caravans now use the 13 pin standard socket shown below.

What is the most common trailer plug?

7-way connector
The 7-way connector is the most popular trailer connection type found on late model SUV’s, trucks and RV’s and comes with everything the others come with along with the availability for backup lights. There are two different types of 7-way connectors, one with flat pins (blades) and one with round pins.

Does a 7 pin trailer plug control brakes?

What is difference between a 4 pin and 7 pin trailer connector? A 7-Way has these functions and a 12 volt circuit, a circuit for electric trailer brakes (requires a brake controller in the vehicle), and a reverse light or auxiliary power circuit. There are other types of connectors as well.

Why do caravans have 2 plugs?

The second system is designed to allow 12 volt lights and accessories to be run from a battery in your caravan and finally the third system is designed to allow you to plug in to a 240 volt socket on a caravan site and allow the use of the same equipment you would normally just plug in to a socket at home.

Can I tow a caravan with 7 pin electrics?

7 pin electrics provide the normal or legal lighting requirements for towing. A 7 pin towbar plug will provide brake, indicate and tail light functions on your bike rack, trailer or caravan and is suitable for simple towing.

What are the 12N and 12s connectors used for?

Trailers, Caravans etc. – 12N connector used to connect obligatory road lights. Caravans – 12S connector used to charge caravan battery, power fridge and equipment etc. 12N connectors are normally coloured black. Pins 2, 5 and 7 in the plug are female, others are male. 12S connectors are normally coloured white.

Where are the 12N and 12s electrics located?

Both 12N and 12S electrics are contained within the socket which has 13 pins rather than 7. This socket is used in mainland Europe and from 2008 all caravans manufactured in Europe will be wired up with 13 pin plugs.

How many pins are in a 12N socket?

The 12N and 12S Sockets The 12N socket. The socket is coloured black and houses 7 pins which are are numbered 1 to 7 and need to be connected using the correct grade wiring as follows (1998 Pin Allocation).: Pin Cable Colour

What’s the difference between 12s and 7 pin plugs?

They are fitted with two 7-pin plugs (12N and 12S, ‘supplementary’). The 12S plug is coloured grey or white to distinguish it from the 12N one, and the associated socket has a cover flap in grey or white. The arrangement of pins and tubes is also different to prevent accidental connection of the wrong plug to the wrong socket.