What is SandFest in Port Aransas Texas?

What is SandFest in Port Aransas Texas?

Sand Sculpture Competition
SandFest is a Texas Sand Sculpture Competition and is one of the largest beach festivals in Texas on the beautiful, sun-soaked Port Aransas beach.

Is SandFest in Port Aransas Cancelled?

Port Aransas, TX (Jan. 29, 2021) — Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Texas SandFest Board of Directors has decided to postpone this year’s event until the fall.

Where is the sand sculpture festival?

Described as the largest sand sculpture event in the world, the International Sand Sculpture Festival or Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia (FIESA) has been held in Pêra, Algarve, Portugal annually since 2003.

Is Port Aransas Beach Open?

Port Aransas beaches are open; some areas of I.B. Magee Beach Park are inaccessible. We will post any road closures will be posted here and at As of this morning, the only beach access road that is closed is Zahn Road on North Padre Island.

Is Port Aransas better than Galveston?

Port Aransas is a good beach destination from San Antonio. Just over 2 hours by car. Galveston is about 4 hours. There are more things to see and do in Galveston but the water and beaches in Port A are nicer.

Is Port Aransas safe to swim in?

Port Aransas beaches are great for swimming and surfing sports. There is a large parking area here. If you want to park your car on the beach, you will need a beach parking sticker. There is lifeguard supervision between Avenue G and Sandcastle Drive.

How much do professional sand sculptors make?

The extra work involved in an independent job can be worthwhile, however. Damon estimates that sand sculptors working on independent jobs earn about $500 daily—about twice as much as they can make subcon- tracting.

When did Texas sandfest start in Port Aransas?

The Texas SandFest started in 1997. Since then it has grown into an extensive 3 day long festival. Artists from around the world come to Port Aransas both as amateurs and professionals and compete each year in the competition.

What do you need to know about Texas sandfest?

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Where is the largest sand sculpture competition in the USA?

Texas SandFest is the largest native-sand sculpture competition in the USA. What began as a small local competition in 1997 has grown into an internationally recognized three-day family event that draws renowned sand sculptors and tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year to Port Aransas.