What kind of company is Domtar?

What kind of company is Domtar?

Domtar owns and operates Domtar Distribution Group, an extensive network of paper distribution facilities. The company overall employs nearly 10,000 people….Domtar.

Type Public
Industry Paper & Paper Products
Headquarters Fort Mill, South Carolina
Key people John D. Williams (CEO)
Revenue US$5.6 billion (2014)

How many mills is Domtar?

Our network of 12 pulp and paper mills and 9 manufacturing and converting facilities gives us approximately 2.7 million tons of papermaking capacity and 1.5 million air-dried metric tons (ADMT) of market pulp capacity annually to help us to serve our customers, support our employees and strengthen our communities.

Is Domtar publicly traded?

Domtar’s annual sales are approximately $5.5 billion, and its common stock is traded on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the UFS symbol.

Does Domtar make toilet paper?

Domtar pulp shows up in much more than paper and diapers. It is used in facial and toilet tissue, paper towel, specialty papers (think bacon board and sandwich wrap), some circuit boards and even building supplies, such as siding.

Who bought out Domtar?

Paper Excellence
Paper Excellence, a global manufacturer of pulp and printing, writing, specialty, and packaging papers, has acquired Domtar, the largest integrated producer of uncoated free-sheet paper in North America, for $55.50 per share. The all-cash transaction represents an enterprise value of approximately (US)$3 billion.

Is Domtar a union?

The union that signed a four-year deal at Domtar’s Kamloops pulp mill hopes the new contract will pave the way for investments by the corporation.

Who is the owner of Paper Excellence?

Jackson Widjaja
Paper Excellence Canada would like to have Canadians believe that because it is headquartered in Richmond, BC, it is a Canadian company owned “100% by Jackson Widjaja,” according to its then deputy CEO Pedro Chang.

Is Domtar a Canadian company?

We established our headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, in 1914, incorporated as a Canadian company 15 years later, and sold shares to the public. We grew into one of Canada’s largest companies, with business interests ranging from chemicals to fine paper, consumer products to packaging. We became known as Domtar Ltd.

Who is the GM assistant of Tianjin Boai NKY?

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What kind of products does Domtar Corporation make?

Domtar makes products that people around the world rely on every day. We design, manufacture, market and distribute a wide variety of pulp, paper and personal care products from copy paper to baby diapers. But how we do things is as important as what we do.

Where is the BOAI NKY are & D Center located?

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