What level is hexagon force?

What level is hexagon force?

Hexagon Force is the sixteenth level of Geometry Dash and the sixth level with an Insane difficulty.

How do you unlock the Theory of Everything 2?

Theory of Everything 2 is the eighteenth level of Geometry Dash and the second level with a Demon difficulty. 20 secret coins are required to unlock the level.

What is the longest Geometry Dash level?

The Longest Levels in Geometry Dash

  1. 1 #10 – Foreverbound by BobRatchet.
  2. 2 #9 – Phobos [2.0] by 21 People (Verified by Krazyman50)
  3. 3 #8 – by Dorabae.
  4. 4 #7 – Sonic Wave by Cyclic.
  5. 5 #6 – by Dorabae.
  6. 6 #5 – Dear Nostalgists by TriAxis.
  7. 7 #4 – AfterCataBath by Zimnior12.
  8. 8 #3 – Hexagon Force Full by Partition.

What is the hardest demon?

Currently, the list classifies Tartarus as the hardest Demon level in the game.

Which is harder Electrodynamix or hexagon force?

Hexagon force is easier than Electrodynamix, and ToE is a pretty easy level (especially when compared to Clutterfunk–that one’s hard). I found that Can’t Let Go is surprisingly harder than Jumper as well, which is a bit odd, considering that they both came out in the 1.0 release.

How hard is hexagon force?

When you get straight down to it, Hexagon Force (+100 attempts) can be kinda tricky to pull off at times (looking at you, dual ball section), but IMO it certainly isn’t harder than Clutterfunk (+600 attempts).

Is Theory of Everything 2 a demon?

Is Tartarus harder than Zodiac?

Tartarus is the first 1.9-decorated Demon since Sonic Wave that has been at the #1 spot on the Demon List. It’s also the second #1 Demon hosted by Riot, after Bloodbath. The Tartarus victors tend to agree that it is slightly above Zodiac difficulty.

What is the longest extreme demon?

The word ‘Cromulent’ is an invented word that originated on the famous sitcom The Simpsons. The level was rated on February 10, 2019. The level was the longest ever rated Extreme Demon, being 5 minutes and 49 seconds in length before being surpassed by Dark Odyssey.