What movie starts with happy together?

What movie starts with happy together?

The song has been featured in many movies, 1987’s Ernest Goes to Camp and 2003’s Freaky Friday featured “Happy Together,” as well as a cover by Simple Plan.

Who sang the song Happy Together?

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Who played drums on happy together?

The song’s composers Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon were the bass player and drummer of the Boston area group The Magicians. Bonner became a regular member of Kenny Vance and the Planotones. Gordon, who died in 2008 at the age of 64, had songs recorded by Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa and The Lovin’ Spoonful.

Who wrote the Turtles song Happy Together?

Alan Gordon
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What genre is happy together?

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Are The Turtles still alive?

The Turtles are an American rock band led by vocalists Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, later known as Flo & Eddie….

The Turtles
Genres Sunshine pop pop rock psychedelic pop folk rock
Years active 1965–1970, 1983–present
Labels White Whale
Associated acts Flo & Eddie the Mothers of Invention

Are Flo and Eddie a couple?

After more than 40 years, Flo and Eddie are still blissfully happy together. “We really do get along very well,” maintains Mark (Flo) Volman of the legendary vocal duo that also includes Howard (Eddie) Kaylan. “Our relationship has lasted longer than a lot of people’s marriages — including mine.

Who sang with the turtles?

Howard Kaylan (born Howard Kaplan, June 22, 1947) is an American rock and roll musician and writer, best known as a founding member and lead singer of the 1960s band The Turtles, and as “Eddie” in the 1970s rock band Flo & Eddie.

Are Flo and Eddie married?

Are Flo and Eddie still alive?

Flo & Eddie is a comedy rock duo consisting of Mark Volman (Flo, short for “Phlorescent Leech”) and Howard Kaylan (Eddie)….

Flo & Eddie
Years active 1971–present
Labels Reprise, Warner Bros., Columbia
Associated acts The Turtles, the Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa, Checkpoint Charlie

Did the Beatles sing so happy together?

It was later included on their third studio album Happy Together (1967)….Happy Together (song)

“Happy Together”
Released 14 February 1967
Recorded January 1967
Studio Sunset Sound, Hollywood
Genre Psychedelic pop pop rock pop

Does happy together have a happy ending?

The concluding scene where Lai visits the Falls alone, leaving Ho staring lonely at the Falls lamp in Buenos Aires, shows Cheung burst into heartfelt tears that feel hauntingly natural. And while it may be difficult and require some internal struggle, the rewards can result in a happy ending.