Why Create an Online Magazine for your Business?

Why Create an Online Magazine for your Business?

Want to present your products and services? To talk about your industry? To let your employees, partners or customers speak? So go for the web magazine!

We don’t hear much about web magazines, although we often come across them during our research. Often presented as a blog (which has a negative connotation for many), the magazine nevertheless allows the development of real content strategies that bring real results in the long term. Explanations.

What is a webzine?

Often, when we talk to business leaders about blogging, unflattering visions of this tool come to mind: teenage blogs from the 2005s, blogs where we share our lives with whoever wants to. read it well. However, blogs have evolved a lot since! With WordPress (and not only), but blogs have also become more professional, as has the communication carried out with. We no longer share photos of ourselves with our friends at all costs, with texts written in SMS.

The proof: fashion blogs and their bloggers, true professionals who make a living from the business generated by their articles on beauty products or clothes that brands are eager to give them.

An online magazine is not monthly. We don’t turn our pages. No, a “virtual” magazine is a blog, but much larger in terms of its number of articles and writers. An online magazine is a website designed to be fed with new content (text, video, photo) day after day until it has thousands of articles. Example of an article from a magazine site, far removed from the structures of old blogs.

Its structure is therefore planned (technically and graphically) so that the content is easily found by the Internet user, easily readable, despite numerous articles published each week.

What are the advantages and objectives of a web magazine?

An online magazine has several functions/purposes:

  • Demonstrate a company’s expertise in its field of activity through more or less technical articles,
  • Position itself on different requests than a purely commercial site whose lexical field is contained in its own products, services and on its brand name,
  • Make yourself known to a new audience,
  • Retain customers,
  • And of course, sell/bring back the lead.

Notoriety, loyalty and recruitment are all objectives to be achieved thanks to this regular publication of content.

An online magazine is an investment!

At the agency, we manage several online magazines, on various themes: fashion, automobile, cuisine, hotel industry. All of them are very successful because the content is what ensures the success of an SEO strategy. now (remember, Google wants fresh, unique, quality content: Content is King).

But this success is only possible under several conditions:

  • Regular animation of the site;
  • The publication of exclusive, quality, non-over-optimized content (if it is to publish copy-pasted content, with keywords everywhere, immediately forget the idea of ​​a magazine);
  • An implication both in time and in money.

Regular news on a magazine site ensures its success.

So, you need a Magazine creator for the creation of your virtual magazines. The software that I could recommend is FlipHTML5 which has gained a lot of acceptance among users. You can edit in various available formats, use various dynamic backgrounds, background images etc. The page-turning effect stands out this software out of the competition. You can edit online and add images, video and even audio to interact more engagingly.