Will I lose weight if I remove Implanon?

Will I lose weight if I remove Implanon?

The mean weight changes were 0.8 kg, 1.6 kg, 3.2 kg and 3.3 kg respectively for the first, second, third and fourth years of Implanon® use respectively. Implanon® was removed on account of weight gain in 3.8% of those women who had removed the implant.

Does the Implanon make you fat?

Implant users had modest increases in body size and a 2 percent increase in body fat. A 2016 study found that the hormonal birth control implant did not directly cause weight gain. However, women who were told that the implant might cause weight gain were more likely to think they had gained weight.

Will removing nexplanon cause weight gain?

The signs may be rare, but some people may experience some deadly side effects of the implant. The most commonly found side effects are irregular bleeding and weight gain.

What are the side effects after removing Implanon?

Your arm may swell a little. There could be some bruising in the area that might last a couple weeks. But generally, you should feel fine after they remove your implant. Any side effects that you had with Nexplanon — like weight gain, headache, acne, and mood swings — might ease once the implant is gone.

Why does the implant make you gain weight?

This hormone imitates progesterone. Progesterone is a natural hormone that regulates your menstrual cycle along with the hormone estrogen. This additional etonogestrel disturbs your body’s natural hormonal balance, which can cause weight gain.

Do you need stitches after Nexplanon removal?

You – may use your arm normally but must take extra care to avoid any infection at the wound site. The bandage can be removed after 72 hours. The wound will be closed using either steri-strips (which should come off after 5 days) or dissolvable stitches (which will disappear after 7-10 days).

How long does nexplanon stay in your system after removal?

Nexplanon releases progestin for three years. You can have it removed any time before the three years are over, though. Fertility will come back quickly no matter how long you used this method. After the implant is removed, fertility usually returns within a month.

What happens to your body when the implant is removed?

Overall, you should feel completely normal after getting your implant taken out. Your arm may feel tender or swollen around where the implant was for a few days. It may look bruised for a week or two. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to wash and take care of your skin for a couple of days after removal.