Are Collier encyclopedias worth anything?

Are Collier encyclopedias worth anything?

Collectors generally are not interested in encyclopedias published after about the 1880s. As an investment or an antique, a collectible Collier Encyclopedia is really not very collectible. Generally you can find a set for less than ten dollars, or even free.

Who wrote Collier’s encyclopedia?

Collier’s encyclopedia, with bibliography and index.

Author: William T Couch; Collier (P.F.) and Son Corporation, New York.
Publisher: New York, Collier, 1957.
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Is World Book encyclopedia still published?

The World Book Encyclopedia is the only general A-Z print research source still published today.

What is the name given to a single encyclopedia in a set?

Contemporary usage. In American English, the word is most commonly spelled encyclopedia, and in British English encyclopædia or encyclopaedia.

Are old encyclopedias worth any money?

Though a lack of relevance renders most complete encyclopedia set values at less than $75, there are some rare editions that have historical value. Older sets of encyclopedias can carry excellent value as well, especially if they’re in good condition.

What should I do with old encyclopedias?

If you’re looking for a more purposeful use for your old encyclopedias, try local schools and libraries. Schools can use the encyclopedias in classrooms or in their library, and local libraries sometimes use donated books to stock shelves.

What is the value of old encyclopedias?

According to Beattie, 9th and 11th Britannica Editions can sell for as much as $300 to $400 per set, if in good, clean condition. And Roundtree says a fine set of 11th Edition Britannicas can command as much as $3,000.

Does anyone collect old encyclopedias?

Shelters that are geared toward helping children and that have educational standards will often accept donations of encyclopedias. Donate the encyclopedia set to Goodwill or The Salvation Army. They take donations of all kinds, including books and even encyclopedia sets.

Are old encyclopedias valuable?

Is the Collier’s Encyclopedia over 100 years old?

I have 24 volume set of Collier’s encyclopedia, 1968 to 1977 year books, and A through LOBAR, LOBATE through Z are they worth anything. Thanks. They are worth very little. Encyclopedias over 100 years old are antiques and have value Reply Was this helpful? Yes My husband auctions part time.

When did Atlas Editions take over Collier’s Encyclopedia?

In 1993, Atlas Editions acquired Collier’s Encyclopedia from Macmillan Inc. The 1997 edition has 23,000 entries with few short entries, as related subjects are usually consolidated into longer articles.

When did Microsoft buy the copyright to Collier’s?

An annual Collier’s Year Book was also published. In 1998, Microsoft acquired the copyright to Collier’s. Afterwards, Microsoft incorporated Collier’s content into its Encarta digital multimedia encyclopedia.

Where can I Sell A Colliers Encyclopedia for money?

There seems to be more individual books being sold from this company but the prices vary (around $6-$10) and it takes a long time to sell even one book. eBay, amazon and Abe’s books are the biggest book sellers so those are the sites you should check for what others are asking for this brand of books.