Are there redfish in Lake Pontchartrain?

Are there redfish in Lake Pontchartrain?

This means that, depending on the time of the year, you can find anything from Catfish and Redfish to Bull Sharks on Lake Pontchartrain. Still, there are some species that are considered favorites, so let’s talk about them for a moment.

Are there shrimp in Lake Pontchartrain?

Shrimp like they’ve never seen before in Lake Pontchartrain instead of offshore, and they credit a number of factors. “These shrimp are primo the best we’ve seen around here since 2010,” said shrimper Paul Newton. For the last several weeks, shrimp boats have been a common sight on Lake Pontchartrain.

Where are the redfish biting in Louisiana?

Redfish Fishing in Hopedale, Louisiana One of the best destinations for redfish is Hopedale, Louisiana, some 40 miles southeast of New Orleans.

Are there fish in Lake Pontchartrain?

Bull shark
Anchoa mitchilli
Lake Pontchartrain/Fish

How big is the world’s biggest shrimp?

18 inches long
An enormous shrimp, measuring a whopping 18 inches long caught off the coast of Florida is thought to be the fearsome mantis shrimp with a claw so powerful it can break aquarium glass.

What kind of fish can you catch in Lake Pontchartrain?

Speckled trout, flounder, redfish, sheepshead, drum, croaker, and gafftop catfish are all in good populations right now in the lake. And they’re all feeding ravenously on, what else? . . . live shrimp!

What is the best time of year to catch redfish in Louisiana?

Spring, on paper, is the best time to be in Louisiana for redfish if you want numbers. The fish are aggressive and numerous with long days of catching many good size redfish. Marshes are coming alive by April and redfish are taking full advantage of warming waters to actively feed throughout the day.

What to do when Bull Reds come to Lake Pontchartrain?

“When the bull reds come into Lake Pontchartrain, we ride around looking for big seagulls and pelicans diving,” advised Kenny Kreeger of Lake Pontchartrain Charters. “When we see big gulls and pelicans diving, that’s the place to fish. The schools move quite fast. I run my boat into them wide open, grab a rod and cast.

Where is the best place to catch redfish in Lake Pontchartrain?

Biloxi Marsh is one of the top spots to target Redfish, and the Rigolets (especially around the railroad bridge) can offer hot action almost any day of the year. These predators also like to hide behind bridge pilings to ambush their prey, so casting upstream and letting the current get the bait to the fish can almost guarantee a bite.

Where to look for specks on Lake Pontchartrain?

Some of the best spots to look for Specks are around bridge pilings and shorelines. In winter, when the day is clear and there’s no wind, look for birds on the water, and you’ll find your prey. Local anglers are familiar with the way Trout move around the lake and their advice and guidance is a game-changer.

When do speckled trout spawn in Lake Pontchartrain?

Salinity is necessary for these fish to spawn, and without it, they choose to move until the fall and winter months when fishing picks up again. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fish for Speckled Trout on Lake Pontchartrain, just that you should pick your timing and fishing spots carefully.